Buddy Mics Product Demonstration, Parmod Gandhi

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Parmod Gandhi of Buddy Mics shows us the products Buddy Mics has to offer.

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Date: March 20, 2012
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Parmod Gandhi:

Hello, my name is Parmod Gandhi, I’m the founder of InSync Speech Technologies and the maker of Buddy 7G devices. All of our USB microphones include Buddy 7G technology and filtered audio technology that is primarily used for cleaning the ambient sound from recorded voice.

The end result is these devices are better suited for speech recognition applications such as Dragon Naturally Speaking and Dragon Medical. Other uses of these microphones are voice over IP applications like Skype, webinars and chat rooms.

We have a wide selection of products, starting with this basic product, which is really a sound card. It has one button, a couple of lights for indicators, and two connectors for plugging any headset into this device.

This is the basic model that is available in all of our devices, the same kind of functionality is found in all the devices. Here is our latest product, which is an entry-level product. We call it Buddy Desktop Mini 7G. This is the black model, there is a white model of the same one. They’re essentially the same devices, affordable and very effective microphones for any voice applications.

Other devices we have are these flamingo microphones. This is a two-foot long flamingo microphone with a flexible gooseneck the way you like it. You can position it the way you want. This is designed primarily to plug in, attached to a monitor, where you attach it with a provided clamp, and you can twist it in a fashion that suits your needs, and you know, your speaking style.

Another one of our microphones is --this is a re-design of our flamingo mic that is designed to plug into a laptop USB port. You can position it such that it acts like a natural built-in microphone with added functionality of Buddy 7G technology and Filtered Audio.

Other microphones include desktop microphone with a push button. This is a very high quality gooseneck that can be twisted into any shape you like and the mute switch can provide microphone control or push-to-talk functionality, using our freely downloadable MyBuddyMic Software .

We have a new microphone which is the same as a desktop microphone, but it adds additional functionality like a trackball that is space-saving for your mouse applications, programmable buttons, indicator lights, built in stereo speakers and provision to put in your favorite headset.

Here’s a PS2 connector that can be used to connect our foot switch which is Buddy Footswitch 7G or Buddy Elbow Switch 7G and here’s a USB connector to connect it to the computer.

Lastly, the devices I have in front of me are a stylus microphone which is used to write on a stylus surface, as well as work as a microphone.

You can buy these through our various channels—you can buy from our primary distributor in the United States, that’s 1450 Inc., or you can purchase these products through a large network of Dragon naturally-speaking and Dragon medical value-added resellers.

You can buy these products from amazon.com or you can buy it from our website—www.insyncspeech.com.

Thank you!

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