Chip Childress – Director of IT, Holston Medical Group

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Chip Childress – Director of IT, Holston Medical Group

Holston Medical Group is an established Allscripts ™ EHR (electronic health record) user that transitioned from ChannelHealth several years ago.  Childress shares his thoughts on Glen Tullman’s keynote speech as well as electronic medical records (EMR) implementation.  Highlights of Tullman’s speech included electronic medical records connectivity and upcoming challenges in the Health Information Technology (HIT) industry.
Allscripts Remote™ will soon be extended to include BlackBerry® devices, which HMG is looking forward to.  In addition, through Allscripts EHR, connectivity with outside laboratories and physican practices is expected to become more streamlined with innovations such as the Allscripts CAKE Network.

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Date: February 28, 2009
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