MGMA 2011 – CureMD, Kamal Hashmat

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Eric Fishman, with EHR TV, speaking with Kamal Hashmat, CEO of CureMD

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Date: December 6, 2011
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Dr. Eric Fishman: This is Dr. Eric Fishman with EHRTV and today we have the pleasure of speaking with Kamal Hashmat, President & CEO of CureMD. We are in Las Vegas at MGMA 2011.

So, Kamal, thank you for taking the time. I appreciate it.

Kamal Hashmat: You are welcome, Eric. Thank you so much.

Dr. Eric Fishman: I understand that CureMD was originally a cloud-based program. You are based out of Manhattan, you have been doing this for 10 years, you now have smart cloud – tell us about the evolution to the current version of CureMD

Kamal Hashmat: Thank you, Eric. It’s wonderful to be here at MGMA 2011 and we are very excited to launch the CureMD Smart Cloud. CureMD’s was the first cloud-based computing EMR company which was launched 10 years ago. So, this Smart Cloud is built in fault tolerance and it’s a very easy-to-use deployable system. So, we are very excited to launch it here at MGMA.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Tell me about some of the ease of use because I walk around the hallways and that’s a critical component because physicians, to be honest, they can be frustrated by some of the intricacies of an EHR. So, how do you make it easy to use?

Kamal Hashmat: Right. So, for example, if you look at the EHR deployment today, very few users or very few doctors use electronic medical records technology efficiently. So, what we did with CureMD Smart Cloud is we came up with workflow-driven systems. So, for example, CureMD Dermatology is all catered to how a dermatologist will practice the dermatology and it’s built in workflow that will actually enhance the workflow of a dermatologist.

Dr. Eric Fishman: And so you have done this for many specialties, I would assume.

Kamal Hashmat: Exactly. So, we have around 35+ specialties that Smart Cloud is capable of catering to.

Dr. Eric Fishman: How is it that you have the physician’s do data input? What are the options as far as that?

Kamal Hashmat: There are multiple ways. One of the ways that we use is – there is a point and click way. There is a smart way which is CureMD is integrated with Dragon speech recognition system which is one of our preferred technologies so they can actually do voice recognition through the system. So, those are some of the ways that we use for the data input side for the providers.

Dr. Eric Fishman: And I see a nice list here. If you want to talk about any of the other issues that you consider the key features of Smart Cloud.

Kamal Hashmat: Yeah. One of the key features is fast implementation. So, what the Smart Cloud does is it enables the practices, especially the smaller practices, with plug-and-play fast track implementations so they can come in, we can turn on the switch for Smart Cloud and they can go live within few weeks effectually buying the electronic medical record system.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Very Good. So, I am going to project that you will be at MGMA 2012.

Kamal Hashmat: Yes, sir.

Dr. Eric Fishman: What do you expect will be happening in that intervening year?

Kamal Hashmat: So, what essentially we are doing is it’s all about meaningful use, it’s all about ease of use and it’s all about fast deployment at a very cost-effective way. So, what CureMD is doing is, you know, moving forward, we are actually heavily focusing on very easy-to-use systems that are specialty driven and also making the deployment very easy for the provider community.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Very good. While I have been going through MGMA, I have been playing a game, I call it the acronym game. I don’t insist but if you don’t mind I will say an acronym, just tell me what it means and a couple of sentences about it. Is that fair?

Kamal Hashmat: Sure.

Dr. Eric Fishman: So, ACO.

Kamal Hashmat: Accountable Care Organization.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Yes, and tell me what you think about them.

Kamal Hashmat: So, within accountable care organization, different entities will share the risk for the patient. So, the hospitals, the nursing homes, the doctors will share the risk of taking care of the patient’s health within the whole continuum of care.

Dr. Eric Fishman: And is CureMD doing anything to allow for physicians to work in an environment…?

Kamal Hashmat: Sure. Within CureMD we have a product line that caters to the ACO environment which is called the CureMD ACO Smart Protocol. So, that’s built in modules for each entity which is going to be part of the accountable care organization.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Very good. And, let’s do another one – RCM.

Kamal Hashmat: Yeah, Revenue Cycle Management?

Dr. Eric Fishman: Yes and how does CureMD adapt to that?

Kamal Hashmat: Right. So, CureMD has very smart knowledge based or I like to call it the smart clinical edits that are built into the core product. So, at the end of the day it’s about electronic medical records, it’s about technology but the most important thing is it’s about how does CureMD have a positive impact on the bottom line of the practices that are struggling because of all the manage care issues and the deduction of reimbursements.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Very good. Very interesting. So, Kamal, I thank you very much.

Kamal Hashmat: You are welcome.

Dr. Eric Fishman: This is Dr. Eric Fishman with EHRTV speaking with Kamal Hashmat, President & CEO of CureMD.

Thank you.

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