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Dr. Eric Fishman speaks with Dr. Harry Greenspun, CMO of Dell. Dr. Greenspun discusses Dell’s recent acquisition of Perot systems, which has helped Dell provide a portfolio of both hardware and services in healthcare computing. Dr. Greenspun shares some insight into Dell’s future goals in working with smaller physician groups and community hospitals to provide packaged hardware and service solutions

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Date: March 25, 2010
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Dr. Eric Fishman: This is Dr. Eric Fishman for EHRtv at HIMSS10 and today, we're speaking with Harry Greenspun, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Dell. Harry has a number of exciting announcements about Dell and the health care industry. So Harry, thank you for spending some time with us today.

Dr. Harry Greenspun: Thanks, Eric and I apologize. I lost my voice between being a little sick and after our party last night.

Dr. Eric Fishman: I understand that HIMSS is a busy time and I'll be gentle.

Dr. Harry Greenspun: It's been a great time for us. We announced on Monday a partnership with the AMA to provide some hosted EMR solutions and use the AMA's expertise in understanding the physician's need with Dell's experience in providing technology solutions. It's been very exciting.

Dr. Eric Fishman: When one thinks of Dell, one thinks of computers for all industries. Recently, you've had a health care specific division and I guess that means that Dell is very committed to the health care industry.

Dr. Harry Greenspun: Well, I came from Perot Systems which was acquired by Dell in November. What we really have now is the combination of the Dell hardware with the traditional Perot services which has been very, very strong in healthcare to provide health care solutions. Dell historically has done a lot of work in health care particularly life sciences but more on the hardware side than on the services side so by bringing Perot systems in they have a much deeper experience in services. I think the other aspect of it as well is that Perot Systems has typically worked with larger clients and Dell has actually done a wonderful job with small business and individuals and bringing that t capability to what we had at Perot Systems makes a very compelling group to work with the smaller physician groups and with the smaller community hospitals certainly broadening our reach.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Harry, it truly does seem like a good marriage if you will. We'll speak at significantly more length when you're feeling better.

Dr. Harry Greenspun: Happy to do that.

Dr. Eric Fishman: This Dr. Eric Fishman with EHRtv speaking with Dr. Harry Greenspun, Chief Medical Officer of Dell. Thank you.

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