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At HIMSS10, Dr. Eric Fishman speaks with Angie Lillehei, Chief Clinical Officer of Sage HMS, a subsidiary of DSS Inc. Ms. Lilehei introduces us to the new DSS product, Radwise, which is an intelligent ordering system. Radwise offers online ordering with built in evidence-based decision support, and helps referring physicians send correct orders. Ms. Lillehei share examples of how Radwise can be used to guide physicians towards the proper radiology image ordering and management.

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Date: April 19, 2010
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Dr. Eric Fishman: This is Dr. Eric Fishman: for EHRtv and today we're speaking with Angie Lillehei, Chief Clinical Officer for DSS. Angie, hello and thank you for coming. I understand that you have a particular interest in radiology and radiology products and if you can explain that, that would be wonderful.

Angie Lillehei: Sure. We have a product called Radwise, that's intelligent ordering system so it's online ordering with the decision support built inside that's evidence-based on our literature and ongoing review by specialty physicians.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Is it used by radiologists or more by other clinicians?

Angie Lillehei: It's used by referring physicians to send their order and get the right order the first time.

Dr. Eric Fishman: And so I'm an orthopedic surgeon. Somebody comes in with back pain, no history of injury, it's two weeks of minor ache and sprain and many clinicians will order an MRI but it's probably not warranted, it's not cost effective. Is that the type of issues that your software will address?

Angie Lillehei: Exactly.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Can you give us some other examples?

Angie Lillehei: Along a similar line would be a migraine. So classic migraine symptoms you wouldn't really order imaging that would get you anything that would change your treatment. So that would be no imaging but the decision support is robust enough that if you had additional symptoms in your migraine sufferer that would warrant a CT of the head, then you would click those additional symptoms. Part of the medical record goes over with the order and then a CT would be warranted.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Now, I'm not as familiar with the software as I could be. Does it prevent the ordering of the scan or does it encourage?

Angie Lillehei: It guides. It always lets the control stay with the physician.

Dr. Eric Fishman: And are there any interactions with various payers so that the payers will be guided by payment or non-payment based upon these recommendations?

Angie Lillehei: No. We've talked to insurance companies and third-party payers that would allow those to be accepted orders as long as they go through the decision support of RadWise.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Is there anything else you'd like to talk to us about RadWise?

Angie Lillehei: Well, in addition to the online ordering, we're also keeping track of the radiation exposure and doing outcomes analysis and also our product is in compliance with Meaningful Use.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Great. Angie, I thank you.

Angie Lillehei: Thank you.

Dr. Eric Fishman: It's been pleasure. This is Dr. Eric Fishman for EHRtv. We've been speaking with speaking with Angie Lillehei who is the Chief Clinical Officer for DSS. Thank you.

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