HIMSS10 – Hugh Creedon (DSS)

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Dr. Fishman speaks with Hugh Creedon, vxVistA Operations Manager for DSS Inc. They discuss the vxVistA EHR product and its open source license offerings. They also review how DSS is involved in meaningful use criteria and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Health IT system.

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Date: April 14, 2010
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Dr. Eric Fishman: This is Dr. Eric Fishman for EHRtv and today we're speaking with Hugh Creedon, Operations Manager for DSS. Hugh, thank you for taking your time today. Let's speak today specifically about the DSS product, vxVista and it's an open source EHR that is widely in use and I understand there's some new announcements in that regard.

Hugh Creedon: Well, yes and it's a pleasure for me to be here with you.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Thank you.

Hugh Creedon: We really just released the code and the vxVista open source product at the end of last year. It was at the HIMSS conference a year ago that we announced we were going to do that so we're happy to follow through before this year's conference. It is based, as probably a lot of people know, based on the EMR developed by the Veteran's Affairs Department. We have modified that to work in non-VA settings and have put it out to a number of clients and customers and have now released it as an open source with an EPL license so that it's a very friendly license for others to attach their software to it and work with us.

Dr. Eric Fishman: For a long time, I had a difficulty understanding how commercial companies could be in business supporting open source software. I think I now understand but if you could explain that, it would be helpful.

Hugh Creedon: Well, people use to think of open source as free and no strings attached and at one point, it probably was that but since then, it's come into kind of a more mature fashion and the various licenses that are attached to it will allow people to do various things. So our offering with the EPL license allows people to attach their proprietary software modules to it and make changes to our software if they want and they don't have to give up any ownership rights, anything else. They can practice their own business solutions and we all live happily.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Very good. Thank you. Can you talk to me about how DSS is involved in Meaningful Use? It's obviously an important buzzword at this point and time.

Hugh Creedon: It's a very important concept that we're all looking at and we have done a ------------ analysis to see what the components are that we're going to have to match up with. And of course, they haven't really finalized…

Dr. Eric Fishman: We're close but it may not be all 25.

Hugh Creedon: Right. There's still comments until the end of this month and then they're going to release the final version they think by the end of June.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Maybe.

Hugh Creedon: Maybe. And we're hoping to be able to match either most or not all of them. We're also looking at partners to partner up with if there's an area in there that we feel that they can better come up and help us meet that Meaningful Use.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Good. Tell us what you believe would be the strongest part of your target market. What physicians, size of groups, specialties of group would be most appropriate for your offering?

Hugh Creedon: Well, what we've done in the past has been clinics, inpatients settings and the state and county area. And one of the things that we find that seem to be most driven to us is a mental health type institution whether outpatient or in- patient.

Dr. Eric Fishman: I understand that that might be right up your alley.

Hugh Creedon: It is because in our work with the Veteran's Administration, we developed the Mental Health Suite which is designed to diagnose, treat, develop treatment plans for the mental health community, follow-up plans and it's unlike anything else that's out there in that it will generate, when it's all over and done with, it generates an interdisciplinary treatment plan that the Joint Commission has given it's blessing to. They said they really like that and it's other things too that we have in our arsenal such as the group notes feature that was developed by the VA and we modified to work it in a non-VA setting so that people who do any kinds of groups find that their documentation time is cut down considerably. So they really like that.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Documentation time is critical so that's an important thing.

Hugh Creedon: Yes.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Hugh, I thank you very much for your time and I appreciate it today. I'm sure you're quite busy. This is Dr. Eric Fishman. We've been speaking with Hugh Creedon, Operations Manager for DSS. Thank you.

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