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Vice President of Eclipsys Corporation, Thomas Cooke, talks with Dr. Eric Fishman at HIMSS10. Mr. Cooke first clears up confusion around Eclipsys’ acquisitions of MediNotes e and Bond Technologies. He further discusses how the Eclipsys PeakPractice product has evolved into a full EHR/PM solution. Dr. Fishman and Mr. Cooke clarify how Eclipsys is helping current MediNotes e clients migrate towards the more robust PeakPractice EHR/PM solution, and review the future plans for MediNotes.

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Date: March 18, 2010
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Dr. Eric Fishman: This is Dr. Eric Fishman and today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Tom Cooke, Vice-President of Eclipsys Corporation and we'll be discussing Eclipsys PeakPractice. So Tom, first thank you very much for inviting me to spend a few minutes with you at this busy time.

Thomas Cooke: Thanks, Dr. Fishman.

Dr. Eric Fishman: There is, to be honest, a little bit of confusion in the marketplace. To put some history, there was a product that was called Bond Clinician. It became MediNotes Clinician, MediNotes e was a separate product, MediNotes was purchased by Eclipsys; there were two products there. As I understand it, MediNotes e is a product that has been used by many physicians for quite some time.

Thomas Cooke: Indeed.

Dr. Eric Fishman: MediNotes Clinician has been re-named as Eclipsys PeakPractice and is the successor product if you will. I've seen it, it's a phenomenal product, it has some very interesting features including supply chain management, et cetera, et cetera.

Thomas Cooke: Thanks for the compliment.

Dr. Eric Fishman: I met Travis Bond back at TEPR many years ago and saw it when it was literally first announced to the world and have followed it and it's not only artistically a very attractive product, it's very functional. If you could let us know please the process that you're using to have your existing user base who are using MediNotes e, migrate to Eclipsys PeakPractice. That, I think, may clarify some confusion.

Thomas Cooke: You bet. Let me start by kind of giving just a little bit of history that might help put all of this into perspective and then what our plan is going forward.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Please.

Thomas Cooke: MediNotes acquired Bond Technologies in March of 2008 right around HIMSS time in fact. MediNotes plans were also to migrate at that time. They're client- based towards this newer solution primarily for two reasons. While the MediNotes e was a highly functional system and did a lot of great things, it was an EMR-only solution. The marketplace was going more towards a suite application to include PM and was running on some older technologies. To re-express all of that into a new technology would have been a very large investment in R & D for them so the acquisition route was the way MediNotes went.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Understand.

Thomas Cooke: Eclipsys about this time was beginning to look at how to fill out its community strategy obviously well known in the acute care space and the clinics associated with that acute care space but not very well known by individual doctors out in the community on how to do that. So we went through and looked at a lot of companies and we really liked MediNotes for the following reasons. One, that we had a DNA in MediNotes of having installed 5,000 practices, 8,000 doctors understanding that market really, really well and an exciting new product in the form of the Bond Clinician that met all of our requirements - doc.net, ASP, Sequel - and again, looking for a full suite application. That felt very attractive to us. We made the acquisition in October of 2008. What we had decided to do, and we do this for all of our products - this is actually Eclipsys' policy - is that if you have licensed and you have paid support on the product that you have from any Eclipsys product, you own all successor products that are like for like.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Without needing to pay an annual support fee?

Thomas Cooke: Well, they'll continue to pay the support fees. Basically, all of our MediNotes e-clients, I'm happy to say, have the rights to PeakPractice at no additional software fees. There's a small amount of fees associated with implementing it and that sort of thing but essentially, they already own it. We've been creating this migration path with a set of migration tools to migrate virtually all of the data that they've collected for years at e, put in into PeakPractice and then be able to move forward on these new technologies. We're hoping some of them will also want to buy some of the additional modules like PM and Supply Chain and so on and so forth but we're not requiring that at all.

Dr. Eric Fishman: And has this migration process started?

Thomas Cooke: It has begun.

Dr. Eric Fishman: And are you at liberty to say how far along its gone and what the reaction has been?

Thomas Cooke: We have beta tested now with about eight different clients and we're happy to say that all the data has moved forward seamlessly and at a very short period of time.

Dr. Eric Fishman: There are I guess, at least, two technological issues, one is getting the data, the other is training the new physicians, the practices. Tell me how that process works. How much time it is that they will be incurring in order to learn?

Thomas Cooke: Typically, we're looking at about 40 hours of training for the office staff broadly for the clinical portion only.

Dr. Eric Fishman: And that's per physician?

Thomas Cooke: No, that would be for the practice so a relatively modest number of professional services hours associated with that training.

Dr. Eric Fishman: I look forward to hearing how it goes in the near future.

Thomas Cooke: I think you'll see some exciting things. Over the last two weeks, we have held six webinars for our MediNotes clients that have had tremendous attendance. Over 400 clients have attended and that has generated something like 100 quotations and about a dozen contracts or so to move forward.

Dr. Eric Fishman: That's great.

Thomas Cooke: We're very excited.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Let me ask you one last question if I may. If one of your existing practices using MediNotes e chooses not to migrate to the successor product, Eclipsys PeakPractice, and wishes to continue to use MediNotes c, I would anticipate there won't be any further development of it but are you continuing to support their existing installation?

Thomas Cooke: We have set a sunset day of December 31, 2011 for the MediNotes e applications so they can continue to pay support and receive support from us through that time. In fact, we're actually putting out a new release next week for MediNotes e so we haven't abandoned that at all from that point of view during this transition time but we thought it was very important for our clients to have the ability to migrate to a product that we would warrant would meet our requirements and get their reimbursements and so on and so forth that way. We wanted to created some incentives in terms of providing the warranty and also providing them a practice or a way to migrate their practice with all of their data and then also provide that essentially at no cost.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Great. Tom, thank you very much.

Thomas Cooke: Thank you very much.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Very much appreciated. This is Dr. Eric Fishman. We've been speaking with Tom Cooke, Vice-President of Eclipsys Corporation. Thank you.

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