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Allscripts™ EHR Stimulus Bus is hitting the road to explain to physicians why the ‘Time is NOW’ to adopt an EMR/EHR (electronic medical record/ electronic health record).
Newly CCHIT® Certified EMR/EHR (electronic medical record/ electronic health record) products.
‘Meaningful Use’ is now online-

Category: EHR Matters
Date: May 15, 2009
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Hello, i’m lindsay pine and this is ehr matters for friday may 15th.

There are 500 thousand physicians who are not yet utilizing an emr/ehr (electronic medical record/ electronic health record). allscripts has partnered with a variety of medical hardware and software companies to solve this issue. they are taking their show on the road with the ehr (electronic health record) stimulus bus to explain why the ‘time is now’ to adopt an emr/ehr (electronic medical record/ electronic health record). companies include microsoft, dell, intell and nuance, the manufacturers of dragon medical speech recognition software. for a list of cities, visit the url on your screen.

A number of vendors have recently announced their cchit 2008 certification status. the following companies offer newly certified products: abel medical software, abraxas medical solutions, cerner corporation. for a complete list of all the cchit 2008 products, please visit

Meaningful use continues to be a topic of extensive discussion. dr. steve waldren, director of the aafp’s center for health information technology has stated, “physicians need to know up front the eligibility rules that pertain to the bucket of money available in this stimulus package.” well, to me that seems perfectly reasonable. want to learn more about meaningful use? Arecent website addressing this issue has come upon the scene. yes – you bet – you can now visit

I’m lindsay pine and this has been ehr matters. thanks for watching.

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