EHR Matters

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Lindsay Pine talks about e-Prescribing and Health care information technology.

Category: EHR Matters
Date: September 16, 2009
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Hi, I’m Lindsay Pine, and this is EHR Matters, for September 14, 2009

First – e-Prescribing took a major step forward this week when DrFirst announced the first electronic prescription of a controlled substance. OxyContin was reportedly prescribed on Thursday September 10th. This certainly expands the capabilities of this technology. For more information:

Next – you can tell that Healthcare information technology has taken a turn into mainstream just by watching the recent business announcements. In the recent past we have heard of companies such as Sam’s Club getting into the industry, in conjunction with Dell and eClinicalWorks. Now we are finding that Dell is making substantially greater strides to enter the field. Dr. Jamie Coffin, Vice President of Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences has just announced that they will assist physicians, particularly physicians who are associated with hospitals, with various benefits including financing, but maybe more surprisingly with workflow analysis and training. For more information:

Finally, there have been estimates as high as a couple hundred thousand missing employees. Well, actually, it has been claimed that in order to accomplish the goals of the HITECH Act, that the United States will require over 200,000 health information technology experts, and that there are currently significantly fewer than this number available.

So, the University of Central Florida is coming to the rescue, having just announced a 20 month masters degree program in healthcare informatics. For more information:

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