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Lindsay Pine speaks with John Lynn, Founder and Editor of the EMR and HIPAA blog. Mr. Lynn discusses the development and launch of his first eBook about EMR selection. Mr. Lynn and Lindsay Pine also talk about the HIMSS10 conference and future plans for the EMR and HIPAA blog.

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Date: April 6, 2010
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Lindsay Pine: Hi, this is Lindsay Pine with EHRtv. Today I have John, the Founder and Editor of EMR and HIPAA.com and this is one of the leading HIT blogs.

John Lynn: That's nice of you to say.

Lindsay Pine: It is, you're doing great. So tell us a little bit more about the blog. I know you have some exciting news.

John Lynn: Yes, the most exciting news for EMR and HIPAA right now, other than covering the HIMSS event, is that we just are launching our first eBook. It's about EMR selection - trying to help the smaller practices that are looking at selecting an EMR streamline the process, find the right one. There's over 300 EMRs out there as you're familiar since you're very familiar with EMR Consultant. In fact, I talk about EMR Consultant in the book.

Lindsay Pine: Great.

John Lynn: Anyway, it's trying to help them select through the numerous EMRs and how they should do it and apply it to their practice.

Lindsay Pine: And how long did that take to actually develop?

John Lynn: Really it's kind of a summary. It's almost like the Cliff Notes of EMR and HIPAA.com, my website. It's like, here's the targeted stuff if you don't want to read the 600 other articles I've written. But yes, I've been doing that for four years so that's a long time. I started actively writing the e-book about six months ago compiling everything.

Lindsay Pine: And when was EMR and HIPAA.com founded?

John Lynn: I started it actually on my Christmas break. You know, what a tech person does on Christmas break when you have nothing else to do? So I started this website saying I'm going to become an expert of EMR and I want to be on the first page of Google for the search term EMR. That's how an IT person becomes validated, right?

Lindsay Pine: Right. Have you always had an interest in the EHR industry?

John Lynn: You know, I didn't. I got my first job five years ago in the EHR industry. It wasn't even called EHR industry back then but I got my first job and because of that, I started the website and then it just kind of ballooned from there.

Lindsay Pine: That's great. And what are your expectations of being at HIMSS?

John Lynn: Well, I have a power pack schedule probably similar to many people but I have back-to-back meetings, interviews, going to a few sessions. Probably the most exciting one though is going to the CCHIT or. I guess most people like to call it C-CHIT which is appropriate. But I'll be going to the town hall to make sure I cover it. As most readers of my site will know, I'm a huge fan of C-CHIT. Not really. So it will be exciting.

Lindsay Pine: Yes, there's a lot of people talking about whether it's good, whether it's not so it'll be great to hear your opinions on your site.

John Lynn: I don't think they're completely evil but I'm not sure that the things that they're doing are actually encouraging EHR adoption.

Lindsay Pine: Right. Well, people read about it on your blog all the time.

John Lynn: Thankfully.

Lindsay Pine: Have you anything else to add?

John Lynn: No, I'm just publishing from here. There's some real interesting things here at HIMSS. I think that interoperability is really being talked about and then of course, the stimulus which everyone wants to know about.

Lindsay Pine: Okay, so I look forward to reading more about HIMSS on EMR and HIPAA.

John Lynn: Thanks.

Lindsay Pine: Thank you.

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