Frisbee, Dragon Medical and EMR Workflow

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This tutorial demonstrates how Frisbee Pro Software can provide an excellent workflow solution for digital dictation and transcription into an Electronic Medical Record.

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Date: January 14, 2011
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Welcome to this 1450, Inc. presentation of Frisbee and Dragon Medical 10.

This video is will demonstrate how Frisbee Pro software can provide an excellent workflow solution for digital dictation and transcription into an Electronic Medical Record.

In this brief presentation of Frisbee I will dictate a short patient encounter using a digital recorder and send the dictation to a Transcriptionist.

Then I will show you how a Transcriptionist can use Dragon Medical 10 to transcribe the dictation directly into the patient chart of an Electronic Medical Record.

John Carter Junior is 5 years old, and he is complaining of a sore throat and an ear-ache in the left ear. The symptoms started one week ago after John had been swimming in a public pool. His mother has treated him with over the counter alcohol based ear drops however the symptoms persist. His mother is very concerned that he may have some difficulty hearing.




Initial examination indicates a bacterial infection of the adenoids, which has spread to the eustachian tube of the left ear.

I also note that there is severe irritation of the Tympanic Membrane.






When the dictation is complete place the recorder into the docking station.

Once the digital recorder has been placed into the docking station Frisbee pulls the audio file from the recorder and automatically sends the job to the Transcriptionist.

Now, I will log off as the Author.

And I’ll switch to the Transcriptionist’s workstation.

The Transcriptionist will select the job and then select the icon Recognize Speech.

Frisbee will automatically open the Dragon Transcription Options Dialog Box.

Click Transcribe.

Transcription will start when you click on another application.

I’ll bring up the Electronic Medical Record.

And Dragon Medical 10 is transcribing the dictation into the patient chart.

This video has been a brief demonstration showing how Frisbee and Dragon Medical 10 can be used together to transcribe a digital dictation directly into an Electronic Medical Record.

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