Frisbee Smart v2 for the iPhone

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Frisbee Smart v2 for the iPhone.

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Date: July 29, 2011
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It’s a pleasure for me to present to you our newest and latest technology called, Frisbee Smart for the iPhone. So, I am pretty sure that every one of you has seen our first version of Frisbee Smart that we had launched by end of 2010. So in the mean time, we worked on different new features and I am sure that most of the features will be interesting for you. And that this seminar will have a lot of information.

So what I would like to show you is of course our version 2 for Frisbee Smart for the iPhone. The version two is supporting the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 and of course, iPad one and iPad two, as well as the iPod Touch Generation Four. So if somebody is using iPhone 3 without the GS then, you will also be able to use Frisbee but there is only one restriction which I’m coming later during my presentation.

So what I would like to show you is of course how Frisbee Smart is working and what are the new features. And of course, Frisbee Smart is a new application which you use which can be used either with Frisbee Pro and the dictation that are sent directly to a dedicated to medical transcriptionists or transcriptionists in general. The Frisbee Smart will be also available from the beginning of August working directly and integrated with Frisbee and <> where the dictations are not sent to one dedicated person, the dictations are sent then to the Frisbee and the press server which allows you according to the local[ph] settings to have the dictation transcribed from multiple persons.

So what I’m going to show you right now before I go more detailed into the software application is the opportunity to use Frisbee Smart with Frisbee Pro, our current transcription application. And I’m going to show you one manual transcription and one transcription using Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.

So therefore, I’m going to switch over and to show you right now my iPhone. So I hope that everyone can see my iPhone on the screen. And here, you see the Frisbee Smart app. So what I’m doing right now, just pressing on the Frisbee button and then I can press on the New Dictation and immediately, a new dictation is recorded. I can stop during the recording, I can go at rewind mode. So there is also a direct play after rewind. And then I can just listen to this. I can also at any position, I can stop the dictation.

If I press again on the red recording button, the software asks me what you would like to do. So I can say for example proceed, the means go to the end and continue dictation. I can say overwrite or insert at this position. So in this case, I press on the Proceed Button and this dictation is now finished. And while I’m dictating, what I can do is of course, I can just press on the menu button which is here at the top of the application. And then I have different choices. I can say delete the dictation, save it as a draft but it’s not finished, save it as finished dictation but don’t send it right now. For example if you don’t have a wireless LAN and you don’t want to use data transfer, you can send it by FTP or you can send it as an email.

So in this case, I am going to choose and to say send it as email. So here is the option. What I can also do is I can type in manually a dictation name, what I’m going to do right now. So, it’s continuous number, it means now it’s dictation 007. So I will just replace it with Dictation VARs. Oh, spelling mistake. Here we go. And you see, it’s much, much easier to enter a patient or personal data than using any other device. Press on the Okay Button and now I can choose from my selection list from the multiple email. You can configure multiple emails. I will choose my default one and send the dictation with the iPhone email program. And now, the dictation is sent.

So I think everyone noticed this was using the iPhone. So what I’m going to do right now is also, I am going to record a new dictation which will be done for speech recognition. And I can just press the new dictation button, dear partner, new paragraph. This is a short dictation with the new version Frisbee Smart Application for iPhone. Full stop. The dictation is recorded in high-quality so that the dictation could be speech recognized with Dragon Naturally Speaking. Full stop, new line. Best regards, new line, Milko. So I can also stop that, rewind, playback. And now when I am finished, I can say again, send it as an email. And in this case, I’m not going to use manual input. I am going to use the Bar Code Scanner option. And this is the only difference why 3GS is not supported – oh sorry.

In the mean time, the first dictation arrived when you go back here and I can press the Bar Code Scanner. So as I have already mentioned, this is the only difference why the iPhone 3 version is not supporting the Bar Code Scanner. So if we press now on the Bar Code Scanner, you see here that my camera was activated and now, the dictation 008 with the Bar Code Scanner, 38684810. So the patient data is scanned into my dictation. And now, I can press on email. And again, send it to my assistant automatically. And this dictation is sent too.

So in the mean time, you see here that the first dictation for VARs was received. And I can just double-click on this dictation and Frisbee can <> medical template for every dictation and I can playback with my foot control. So new test dictation. So I can rewind, playback, et cetera. I think I don’t have to go more detailed. Or if I’m finished, then I can just close that and complete and send back to the author. And this dictation is now sent to the author. Send back to Milko as transcribed.

So in the mean time, here is also the dictation, the new dictation for speech recognition which I received. So I can say this is okay. And then instead of transcribing it by myself, I can press here on Recognize Speech Button and what Frisbee is doing right now, Frisbee is opening my Dragon user profile and the template in the background. And now my profile is launched for the first time. And then I can say selected -- or whether you want to have it transcribed in a selected window or in a DragonPad with restrictive commands, all commands. I will say, transcribe it here in this window. And immediately this dictation is started. I realize that I have quite a little bit of background knowledge here and on the other side – please don’t look at my accuracy as you know, I am not a native speaker, if you hear me, but what I’d like to show you here is of course the integration with foot control and with the template. And then I can for example and just go and playback. I can rewind as you see here when you see the first line of this dictation. Then I can just go there and playback.

With Frisbee Smart, I can select that and spell that and say of Frisbee Smart application for iPhone. The dictation, double click and choose one and that’s how we use normally Dragon Naturally Speaking.

So when the dictation is transcribed or corrected in this case then I can say, send it back to the author, it’s completed. And that’s what it is. You see here, transcribed and send back to the author. And now, I can go back to log in as an author and see my transcribed document.

So going back first to the Frisbee presentation and then what I’m going to do is also show you another new integration that we have done.

So what are the new features of the Frisbee Smart? The new features are first of all different folders. So you can save the dictation as your theme in different folders like draft folder, finished, sent. Then, we have some other few features that we have implemented in the Frisbee Smart version.

So we have now four different recording qualities. That means we have eight kilohertz where one minute of dictation is one megabyte, 11 kilohertz, where one dictation is 1.3 megabytes which is normally used for Dragon Naturally Speaking. Then, we also have also 22 kilohertz and 44 kilohertz. And the 44 kilohertz dictation is used for -- for example, we have also radio station which are doing recording, some interviews, and then this high quality can be used for example for broadcast afterwards.

So what we have done also or one of the new features is we have also high compression without quality loss. That means if you for example, if I go to one presentation or one <> back, and you see here 8 kilohertz is one megabyte then with compression, 8 kilohertz is sent with 98 kilobytes which is one tenth of the dictation. And the compression is done by transfer, so that means we are not recording in a high compression mode. We are using the compression before sending. And the originally quality file still remains in the iPhone. So for example if you are recording in a 22 or 44 kilohertz but you like to send it over now for transcription and maybe at a later stage, you would like to have it for speech recognition, then the original quality file remains on your iPhone. And when you are in the wireless LAN network then for example, you can resend this dictation or save it manually.

So also what we have implemented is voice activation. So voice activation is not something that is mainly used with the iPhone but in this case, there is another issue why we implemented this functionality for hands-free dictation. And of course, what you need for hands-free dictation is the Bluetooth handset support. So we are supporting the Bluetooth headset which we have in the iPhone. And in this case, we recommend you to use it for example or especially when you use also the iPad because with the iPad, it’s quite a bigger device with the iPhone and you don’t want to hold the it complete right in front of your palm when you dictate, so you can just pair it with the Bluetooth headset and use it for hands-free dictation. And there are some very good headphones from the market which also has noise canceling functionalities.

With Frisbee Smart, we support different transfer methods. The first transfer method is of course the data transfer where you can just resend the file or the send the files by GPRS, UMPS, or any other 3G protocol which is supported by your carrier, your provider. Then of course, the dictations can also be sent by Wi-LAN, wireless LAN, either a public or a private Wi-LAN, so it doesn’t matter. Then you can send the dictation to an FTP server or through email. And all dictations are attributed. So in case, we have to <> encryption and it’s a double encryption on one side of the dictation and on the other side on the transfer.

And also what you can do is for example as I already mentioned, if you would like to save your recording in high quality, then you can download the dictation also via iTunes and USB or documentation. So in the mean time, there are also a lot of new accessories on the market available. And there is also a Dictation Station available for the iPhone where the dictations can automatically be transferred from your iPhone or iPad to a transcription solution.

So, one of the other features that we have built in is the File Size Control. That means there are still a lot of email addresses which are limited on for example five or 10 megabyte attachment. So what we can do is we can pre-configure and say that the dictations should be stopped by three megabytes and then you have to send the dictation and then you have to start a new one.

Also, what you can do is you can pre-configure different <> mean that you can have multiple email addresses preconfigured on your iPhone where you can send the dictations still. So here I use for example my email address but you can have multiple email addresses and then you should want to send the dictation to secretary A or secretary B, or to two of your secretaries, then you can just click on one of these default email addresses.

So the FTP support, that’s already mentioned before that you can upload dictations to the FTP server. And Barcode Reader functionality. So this is an option, this is not built-in in the independent program and can be sold separately and we’re supporting the most common barcodes which are automatically scanned into the dictation name.

And one of the new features on the Frisbee Smart is of course the integration. And this is really something unique. And we could say that we are a little bit proud to present you this solution. So we have already two integrations that we could do in Germany. And I would like to show you right now instead of showing just the PowerPoint of how this integration looks like.

So you see here on my iPhone hopefully everyone can see that. Let me just minimize everything. Just a second, let me just reconnect my -- here we go.

Now I think should be able to see my iPhone again. So what I have here is then the Frisbee Smart application. And the Frisbee Smart application allows you to go now into the setup mode and then to choose the integration. And the integration is -- see it here, we have the different sections. So we can choose from AMC Clinixx and also the -- let me just see that. AMC Clinixx and the Advoware, Advoware is case management for lawyers. And the AMC Clinixx is a <> information system.

So what I can do now is start a new dictation and it’s exactly the same window. So I have the dictation here, I can stop, rewind, playback. And then I can press on the Menu Button and instead of sending or instead of using the manual input, or the bard code scanner, I can just use the AMC Clinixx. And now, I am connected with the database which is directly a hospital in <> and type in for example just searching for a name NU. So now the database is opened and I can choose for example of the following options. I can choose this lady over here. And then I see the different cases. I choose the case and you see in their personal <>, I think.

Oh, I just received a -- we cannot see anything on your screen. We don’t see the screen. Oh, let me just try to see what’s going on. Sorry for that. This must be – okay, I see now. On the audience view, you should be able to see that. That’s better, right? Thank you. Okay, sorry for that. One more time. Let me just go back and show you the integration then.

You see now my iPhone. And I click on the iPhone and here on the set up menu, I have the option integration. And in the section, that’s already mentioned. We have two different integrations that we have realized already. The one is Advoware and the other one is AMC Clinixx. So Advoware is a case solution for lawyers in Germany. And AMC Clinixx is one of the EMR systems. And when I go back now, I can start a new dictation. So which is now a new dictation, 123ABC. I can stop that, playback. And when I press on the Menu Button at the top and say send as an email.

Now you see here that you have manual input, bar code scanner, and AMC Clinixx. So instead of using the bar code scanner or manual input, I can choose AMC Clinixx. And now this is a database purely from AMC Clinixx and I can type the name just for example, NU and say send. And I am connected right now directly to the server in Germany in <>, from the costumer of course, the test server. And I can choose of all the users on my list now and say, that’s the costumer or that’s the patient that I would like to make a dictation. And normally, you would see here four or five different cases and then I can choose the case. Just press on the case and you see now in my header, it’s AMC Clinixx and it’s the complete name, prename, birth date, case number, visits from January 2001 to 20th January 2001 in the hospital, I say okay. Just confirm that and send it now by email. And soon as the dictation is out to be received in Frisbee Pro with exactly this information.

So you as you have seen here, such stand of integrations can be done very, very easily and very fast. That means we have also the opposite way around. So if this costumer wanted to make a dictation and then to choose a patient data, on the other side for example if there is an EMR system with the iPad, then you can just select the patient on your iPad. And then you can for example, you see here the dictation arrived and I can show you the dictation in Frisbee Pro.

You can hear the dictation and then in the drop name, you have the full information about the customer, the patient, et cetera. So that means, what you can do is select and see the patient in your database and then press on the dictation button which will be then like F for Frisbee. And this application launch to the <> Frisbee Smart for a new dictation.

So I hope that I could really give you a very, very brief overview about such kind of integration that we have done. And in this PowerPoint presentation which you can also use at a later stage, you can have one more view on the different steps. But of course, at a later stage, you can also contact us and we can support you and realize such integration with different EMR and EHR systems in the United States.

So the application is also multilingual. Maybe –I don’t know if actually somebody from Canada joined us at the moment. So we have one webinar today and one tomorrow. So even if you are French speaking or maybe in Florida, if there are Spanish speaking customer, then you could choose -- or in the setup section choose different languages and we can also add any different languages at any time.

Well, that will be the first part of the demonstration. So I would just like to add the different slides onto that.

So why is Frisbee Smart interesting for me? Or in this case, for you as our partners. So the Frisbee Smart will be sold for version two now which is already launched only to certified VARs. That means the first Frisbee Smart version was available on the App Store. And this version will be sold only to the VAR community. And you can benefit from this sale. The means you have minimum 30% marking on this app when you sell it to your customer.

And there is also an enterprise licensing available. What does it mean? That means if you have for example customers and this customer, they have many users, then you can configure a centralized licensing model for the complete hospital or clinic.

So what we’re also launching is what we call Frisbee Converter. And <> a little bit of market, we say, “Do you want to learn more about the best top selling opportunity in digital dictation? Frisbee Converter is the answer.” Imagine you could up-sell Frisbee Smart to all your excising Olympus and Philips installations.

How does it work? On the one side, on the right side, you have all these different brands who have dictations, transcription solution. One the left side, you have Frisbee Smart application. So the Frisbee Converter, or the dictation produced from Frisbee Smart are sent either or FTP or to email to the Frisbee Converter. The Frisbee Converter converts these dictations into any of these different transcription solutions, that mean we can configure that the dictations are automatically <> into Frisbee, can be displayed in Olympus, Philips, Grundig, Dictaphone, or any other transcription solution which is available in the market.

So that mean you can go now and get the foot into your new potential customers and we sell them Frisbee Smart and the Converter. And also afterwards, you have to upgrade opportunities for example for the Frisbee Speech recognition and Frisbee Enterprise Server.

So if somebody is using Olympus where <> Olympus Transcription solution and you wouldn’t like to change the complete new software but he’s a fan Frisbee Smart application, then there is no way that he has to change the software so we can sell him Frisbee Smart, we can sell him Frisbee Converter and then all the dictations are automatically sent to his secretary.

Well, that will be from my side so far. Now, please you’re welcome to ask me any kind of question that you have. So I’m going to wait for a couple of seconds.

Will this presentation be posted? Of course, this presentation as I already mentioned at the beginning, I’m recording this webinar or one side. On the other side, also the PowerPoint presentation you will be able to download it by <> from FTP server by tomorrow morning.

Any other questions from -- when will be the price be available? Well the pricing I think will be available at <> by tomorrow. So we are launching today and tomorrow this new application and from tomorrow on, the pricing will be available at <> by tomorrow afternoon.

Test instillations? Yes, of course. So somebody who would like to test this application, what we can do is we can arrange it to you test license so that you can install it on your iPhone and also present it to your customer. So as I already mentioned, this application is not available on the App Store and is sold separately and is – iPhone configuration tool.

So what you can do is know how to sell and how to install the application. So on one side as already mentioned, if you have the application installed in your iPhone, then I’m pretty sure that you can present it to your costumers and show them the really high and good quality of the dictation.

The installation is done easily. So on the first steps, there is iPhone configuration utility which is normally used for enterprise licensing and enterprise configuration mode. So we install this configuration to the iPhone configuration utility and distribute it on this way. On the other side, what I can tell you is of course is even if it’s not 100% sure but we asked <> for approval to use our application or to download the application to the App Store with 14 days trail version. And when the customer for example – what you can do is you can download the application the App Store and you provide him with the registration key so that he can just type in the license number and then normally use it. On the other side also the Frisbee Converter, the product that I presented to you.

The Frisbee Converter can also be used for configuration where the dictations put in different transcription <> but I’m pretty sure that we are going to organize another webinar at <> and to contact you and to explain to you how to sell it.

What do tell existing customers who bought the earlier version for the App Store? Do they get a <> or pay an upgrade cost? I think this is something what we can arrange between us. So what we are going to do is anyway, we are going to propose you like a launch package which you can provide to your customers. And I think the price of the five US dollars is not a big cost and can be reduced at any time. But this is something which can be discussed directly between you and <> and we’re going to arrange that with our -- this will be <>

When is the product available? Well the product is available so from now on, you can just start selling this great product.

Can the product be also used with <> directly? Yes, it can. So what you can do is for example instead of converting the dictations into -- or putting the dictation into a transcriptions solution, you can convert the dictation into a dedicated folder and then open, you use a profile and just recognize the dictations. There are wave files, you could just recognize them as you do normally with a portable recorder when you input a wave file and just transcribe it with Grundig.

Okay, well then I would say if there are no other questions so far, I’m just going through to see if I got them all. I think I have the most of that. So even if you have any questions in the later time, please do not hesitate to consult us. Thank you very much for your attention and I wish good luck.

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