Geri Lockhart – Central Florida Sleep Center

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Geri Lockhart – Clinical Director, Central Florida Sleep Center

Allscripts™ EMR (electronic medical record) user, Geri Lockhart has been using both the EMR system as well as the PM (practice management) software for roughly 10 years. Like most Allscripts EMR (electronic medical record) users, Lockhart is continuously impressed with the software system. Currently, the Central Florida Sleep Center is interconnected to different hospitals and two laboratories, in addition to the five satellite office locations with seven physicians. The EMR (electronic medical record) software completes the note in the patient record, eliminating the need for transcription within the medical practice. The Allscripts ePrescribing system is extremely efficient, providing legible and accurate prescriptions to the patients and pharmacies. Lockhart also expresses her excitement for technologies such as Allscripts CAKE Network; where all Allscripts EMR (electronic medical record) users can interconnect, no matter what Allscripts program they are using.

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Date: February 8, 2009
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