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HIStalk Reception 2009 – Eric S. Fishman, MD, interviews Rich Johansen from Parker HealthcareIT at HIMSS09, whose company provides staffing for the hospital industry specifically working with EHRs. Rich discusses his experience at HIMSS09, and why he thinks this is a great time for hospitals to get involved with EHRs, since the next twelve months will involve a lot of change brought about by the ARRA.

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Date: April 13, 2009
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  • Darryl Lashambe says:

    I think Rich summarizes very well the feeling we all have around the ARRA (stimulus bill). What are the standards to be measured by, when is it coming, and where will we find the staff?

  • Ken Furrer says:

    Big 5 stars for the pro.

  • Eric Hutley says:

    Rich hits the nail on the head.
    With the incentive provided by the current U.S. government, now is an excellent time for medical
    records systems to be upgraded.

    5 BIG stars

  • Steven Scott says:

    Richard is obviously setting the pace for Hospital IT standards in the industry… pay attention to what Rich has to say he is the man to listen to.

  • Maria Rosa Smits says:

    Hope this change comes soon. Interview Very clear,informative and easy to understand

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