HIMSS 2012 – Azzly, Coletta Dorado

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Dr. Howard Rollins, EHRtv AIMS specialist and medical consultant, interviews Coletta Dorado of Azzly.

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Date: March 16, 2012
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Dr. Howard Rollins: This is Dr. Howard Rollins. I’m at HIMSS 2012. I have the pleasure today of speaking to Coletta Dorado, the president and CEO of Azzly. Coletta, very nice to see you again…

Coletta Dorado: Thank you Dr. Rollins.

Dr. Howard Rollins: Thanks for joining us.

Coletta Dorado: You’re welcome. Thank you for having me.

Dr. Howard Rollins: So here you are at HIMSS. What’s going on? What’s new and what do you have to tell us?

Coletta Dorado: Well, HIMSS is extraordinary this year, not only of the volume of attendance that exceeded I think everyone’s expectations, but it’s a very interesting attendee that’s here this year versus what I’ve seen last year.

Dr. Howard Rollins: How so?

Coletta Dorado: I’ve seen a lot of collaboration, a lot of interested healthcare consultants, as well as solutions and services that are looking to embrace new technology and new solutions that I hadn’t seen before.

Dr. Howard Rollins: Why do you think so?

Coletta Dorado: I believe what’s occurring in the very fragmented healthcare space is the knowledge that through collaboration and working together, we can stop the fragmentation. We can bridge together solutions and services to really provide real answers to the adoption of health information in today’s market.

Dr. Howard Rollins: Well interoperability seems to be the buzzword here this year. I think that’s what you’re kind of alluding too. Everything needs to work together and that seems to be what’s happening. What’s new with Meaningful Use?

Coletta Dorado: Well with Meaningful Use, the Stage 2 guideline is coming out. Nothing surprised us. I think the ONC & CMS have done a very fine job preparing what’s coming. The trains left the station. You’re not going to stop it. We talked about that. And the guidelines were not surprising at all. It is all about interoperability. It’s about HIPAA, encryption, safe secure passage of patient healthcare information. So there’s nothing that was released that made us say, oh no…

Dr. Howard Rollins: Right.

Coletta Dorado: And we’re very encouraged with the direction that it’s going because we’re a web base solution and security, privacy, interoperability has something that… is something that the mobile solutions can definitely support.

Dr. Howard Rollins: So how will this impact the small physician practice?

Coletta Dorado: Well I’m hoping that it doesn’t overwhelm them once again. And the concern is can I achieve, not only Meaningful Use 1 but now here comes 2. And the solution that I have either purchased or I’m thinking of purchase or I’m exploring, can it deliver? Or am I going to get a promise?

Dr. Howard Rollins: What are the substantive differences between Meaningful Use 1 and 2?

Coletta Dorado: Well, Meaningful Use 1 were just really core measures. They were the basic workflow that happens every day in a physician’s practice.

Dr. Howard Rollins: Right.

Coletta Dorado: Quite easy to accomplish in my opinion. The Stage 2 Meaningful Use, it really takes it to the next level. It really is supporting more interoperability and the ability to share information but share it safely and share it securely. So the Direct Connect Project, the Direct Project is one of the items. For example, we’ve encrypted, we’ve encrypted email in our application. It’s a direct partner; someone that has passed all of their criteria, very important. We’ve built in eFax. We have digital signature. All of today’s technology, if applied correctly to healthcare, can really take away the fear of the physician. They have to know we all have Smartphones…

Dr. Howard Rollins: Right.

Coletta Dorado: That tomorrow’s healthcare platform is going to be a smart healthcare platform. It’s got to do all the heavy lifting of Meaningful Use 2 and also Meaningful Use 3 behind the scenes for the doctors.

Dr. Howard Rollins: So is this how Azzly is supporting Meaning Use 2?

Coletta Dorado: Yes. Absolutely! Again I complement ONC & CMS for setting the stage, putting out what was potentially going to be the criteria in the measures that were going to be coming down the pipeline, so that we were able as a new technology partner since the American Recovery And Reinvestment Act of 2009, everything that we’ve done tying and integrating within one database features and functions to support the One to Ten Physician Practice that is our market. It’s an under served market. It’s one in which you have to have an affordable solution but one in which we must do that heavy lifting for the doctor, his staff nor himself have the time to do it.

Dr. Howard Rollins: Now I understand that your company, Azzly, is now in the launch stage. And that brings a smile to your face, obviously.

Coletta Dorado: Oh what a smile! It’s been 3 ½ years of dedication from our clinical, our technical and our business team. And I really slewed all of our vendor partners. We’ve got best of the industry vendor partners that have supported us, in that they recognized years ago, what our vision was, and they bought into it. They had to buy into it because I wasn’t going to be generating revenues for their benefit in licensing fees until this total platform from check in to check out, claims and billing, revenue cycle management, clearing, EHR, patient health record, scheduling, registration, everything tied together. I couldn’t come out with a half baked product until it was totally tied. Because as soon as you walk in, a patient walks into an ambulatory setting and then appointment is scheduled or scheduled, it ties right into the claim. So that’s the importance and that’s the patience we’ve all had to have but I’m extremely pleased. And I have everyone nipping at my heels trying to get the product right out the door, many channel partners. I’m excited.

Dr. Howard Rollins: That’s fantastic! So you showed patience and you waited until the time, so it was done correctly.

Coletta Dorado: Yes. And we spoke about, the last time we spoke, we talked about educational process. We chose at Azzly to vat the application within the educational sphere. So we had hundreds of users within the health sciences, whether they be nurses, technicians, lab, breaking the application. We chose not to break it in the doctor’s office and take his business down. That’s been done before. But we chose to do it in the educational process. So what we’re bringing forth is a fabulous product that will show on a million, on an eight hundred to a million dollar practice, we can show savings around $150,000 per eligible provider. The cost of Azzly, where software is a solution, is less than $10,000 a year. So the value added to…

Dr. Howard Rollins: That sounds like a wonderful return on investment.

Coletta Dorado: Well you know, you can’t separate clinical from business anymore.

Dr. Howard Rollins: Right.

Coletta Dorado: It’s all one. So if I can show the Azzly model and I can help a doctor recognize that he can support his practice…

Dr. Howard Rollins: Right.

Coletta Dorado: He can stay in business. Maybe he’s going to encourage his son, daughter, niece or nephew to become a physician.

Dr. Howard Rollins: That’s beautiful sentiment.

Coletta Dorado: Thank you.

Dr. Howard Rollins: I really enjoyed speaking with you. Thank you very much. Your enthusiasm shows and I wish you the best of luck.

Coletta Dorado: Very good. Thank you Dr. Rollins. My pleasure.

Dr. Howard Rollins: Coletta Dorado, Azzly… Thank you.

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