HIMSS 2012 – Chartlogic, Brad Melis

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Amy Monagan, EHRtv correspondent interviews Brad Melis, Founder and Executive Vice President of Chartlogic.

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Date: March 27, 2012
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Amy Monagan: This is Amy Monagan with EHRtv. Today we are at HIMSS 2012 in Las Vegas and I am with Brad Melis, Executive Vice President of ChartLogic. Hi Brad, thank you for taking the time to be with us today.

Brad Melis: Nice to be with you Amy.

Amy Monagan: Thank you; can you tell me a little bit about ChartLogic?

Brad Melis: Sure Amy. We started ChartLogic, actually myself and a couple of physicians back in the mid 80’s. We’ve been committed to the EHR initiative; however back in the day that term was not very familiar. But we have, nonetheless, been pioneers, as it were, through a nearly 18 year journey to where we are today with EHR adoption, seemingly a requirement for all doctors.

Amy Monagan: Wow, so you have quite the history with EHR’s.

Brad Melis: Well, I think so. We have certainly learned a lot. As pioneers in the business, we were sort of teaching the importance why, at least we thought, doctors should use EHR. We tried to be very careful about providing solutions that were simple enough for them to use. My physician partners were very specific in that requirement and I think even today we would probably have that reputation with our clients.

Amy Monagan: Now I understand that you have a few new products that you are showcasing at HIMSS. Can you tell me a little bit about those?

Brad Melis: Sure. We are introducing at the show version 8 of ChartLogic, which is a full SAS product. We are now able to deploy fully through the Internet through services on our end at secure facilities of course. Many of our clients both current and potential have asked us for this sort of technology so we are looking forward to it with great excitement. Many of our clients are eagerly awaiting conversion to the new SAS product with the benefits, of course that that provides, especially for smaller clinics who lack the infrastructure and technical resources to handle all the hardware and technology necessary to support EHR in their office.

Amy Monagan: So you still have a server based produce if you have a larger corporation that is looking to implement ChartLogic, do you still offer that?

Brad Melis: We do, we would sell, or provide the same product to them, meaning version 8 of ChartLogic but they would deploy it on their own servers.

Amy Monagan: OK so the end result is that the doctors still get the benefits of and the features of the same product.

Brad Melis: Absolutely, so they would not know any different.

Amy Monagan: That’s fantastic. Can you tell me a little bit of what you see on the horizon for ChartLogic?

Brad Melis: Well on of the really exciting things that we are introducing here as well is a product called Stella. We have heard from many health care providers in institutions, hospitals for example, that have adopted a hospital wide EHR. In and of itself it provides the underlying services that they need for laboratory, digital services, orders, etcetera but the problem that they deal with is the lack of usability by the physician for recording the details of an encounter with a patient. So what we have created with Stella is an app that overlays any existing technology regardless of the vendor and allows the doctor, he or she, to do charting the way they like to do it with tools that are much friendlier and focus on productivity. And as we are a leading vendor, perhaps the leading vendor in EHR voice reorganization, we've taken that knowledge and transferred it into Stella so we are now going to be working with groups of substantial size to hopefully adopt our Stella application.

Amy Monagan: So it sounds like Stella really assists the physician with working the way they are accustomed to working with documenting what they need to document correct?

Brad Melis: Correct and then without interfering with the underlying services provided by the hospital EHR, that I previously mentioned, we are not competing with those, this is not an EHR, it is an application and so far we are getting very positive feedback from the doctors that have taken a look at it and frankly, administrators who are probably a little tired of doctors complaining about the hospital EHR, which is taking a bit too much of their time.

Amy Monagan: Right. Well that is fantastic. I look forward to hearing more about that. Brad, Thank you for taking the time to be with us today. This is Amy Monagan with EHRtv at HIMSS 2012.

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