HIMSS 2012 – Dymo, Ben Cunningham – Product Demonstration

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Ben Cunningham, Brand Manager of Dymo shows us new products at HIMSS 2012.

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Date: March 20, 2012
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Ben Cunningham:

My name is Ben Cunningham, I’m a Brand Manager with Dymo, which is a division with New Rubbermaid. Dymo has a long history of label printing and label printing accessories, as well as scanning.

We’ve been in the healthcare space for a while, and recently, as you may know, there’s been a big push around identification, moving documents into the cloud, patient safety becoming to the forefront more than ever, so bar-coding is a natural fit in the industry. So we look to bring products to the healthcare space that are simple and easy to use, so the doctors can go onto the business of curing patients and not become experts in hardware and technology.

We want to let them do what they do best, and we’re going to be the experts in printing.

We’ve got a couple of products here today that we’re really excited about. The first one is the CardScan Image Capture. Imagine if you go to the doctor when you’re not feeling well. You walk up to the counter and the first thing they ask you for every time is a driver’s license and your insurance card. You hand it over. Now they typically have to get up from what they’re doing, walk over to the copier, make a photocopy, and now they have a hard copy of all your personal identification.

What we did—we’ve taken this simple machine that can scan a driver license, or business card, or insurance card—just simply scan it up there, it ports it directly into the EHR system and now, there’s no hard copy laying around of your personal information that’s kind of loose in this space.

So, it’s a really simple way to capture just basic data, basic insurance company’s information, so that the providers now have a very quick and easy way to access your information, and also helps speed them up about getting their money back, too. They don’t have to chase down bits of information here, it’s all just right here on the screen.

The other product that we’re really excited about is a Patient Admission Solution. So, to complement the Cardscan Image Capture, kind of the second thing you do when you go to the doctor, typically, is they’re going to start printing out labels for your chart to kind of explain why you’re there. In some cases, they’re going to put a kind of wristband on you as well.

If you go in for a minor procedure, something outpatient--even something as simple as getting blood drawn—so they need to make sure that if anything should go wrong, if anything should happen, that they can identify you quickly and accurately.

So besides having your drivers license easily ported up to the EHR system, we also can easily integrate with EHR systems to print patient information directly from the software, onto things like a wristband, so it’s just that simple.

Besides making our products really easy to work with, we also wanted to make the ability to integrate our products really easy to do. We’ve interviewed a lot of end-users and I’ve been to countless hospitals, surgery centers, doctors’ offices. Again, going back to that idea of—let them do what they do best and we’ll worry about the printing side, we wanted to make it easy to integrate.

So, we’ve integrated with over 80 different EHR providers--given them very simple tools to work with, like software development kits, kind of plug and play technology. So they can just plug in our printers and go about their day.

We work with a bunch of different people, we’ve actually launched a Partner Program, so if people want to kind of join forces with us, we do have an extensive program to help market their solution, to make sure that we work out all the kinks in the backgrounds, so that when a user does come in contact with a problem, it’s very simple to use.

We can be reached at dymo.com/solutions—It showcases all of our new products, as well as our partner capabilities and two are some of the folks that we partnered with today.

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