HIMSS 2012 – Emdeon, Gene Boerger

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Amy Monagan, EHRtv correspondent interviews Gene Boerger, VP Professional Product Management of Emdeon.

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Date: April 6, 2012
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Amy Monagan: Hi! This is Amy Monagan with EHRtv at HIMSS 2012 in Las Vegas. Today I’m with Gene Boerger, Vice President of Professional Product Management for Emdeon. Welcome, and thank you for being with us today.

Gene Boerger: Well, thank you for having me.

Amy Monagan: Can you start off by telling us a little bit about Emdeon?

Gene Boerger: Sure. Emdeon, we have–– we are the largest transaction processing, healthcare transaction processing company in the United States. Last year, we processed 6.4 billion healthcare transactions.

Amy Monagan: Okay.

Gene Boerger: And so we have historically been a clearer of transactions. We’re best known for formerly our clearinghouse services but we have been able to significantly change our model because of our interconnectivity and our interoperability that we have really across all EHRs as well as hospital systems. So it’s a unique place to be where everybody’s trying to connect their providers and we have the connectivity and it’s–– that’s not really how people think of our business so it’s been a change in how we actually roll out, how we actually let people know what’s available and what we can do for them.

Amy Monagan: Okay. I noticed that you joined the Interoperability Showcase this year.

Gene Boerger: We did.

Amy Monagan: Can you tell me a little bit about that and how it’s working out for you?

Gene Boerger: The Interoperability Showcase is if you’ve never been there, it’s just a great place to be to really look at how different disparate systems can work together.

Amy Monagan: Uhum.

Gene Boerger: Our focus this year, we helped–– helped with legislation along with HIMSS and a number of other organizations in order to get legislation for electronic payments and electronic funds transfer for physicians.

Amy Monagan: Uhum.

Gene Boerger: It’s the–– we all think about in our lives, our banking, in everything we do electronically and only 10% of healthcare payments are actually made electronically.

Amy Monagan: It’s very interesting.

Gene Boerger: So we helped with the legislation. We also, because we’re–– we–– our large print process or outsource print shop processor for approximately 700 payers, we’re processing and sending their checks so we can convert that into electronic funds transfer on behalf of those payers and those providers.

Amy Monagan: Oh, that’s fantastic! What other things are you showcasing or really focusing on HIMSS this year?

Gene Boerger: Well, our real focus at HIMSS is really about understanding all the information that flows through our network. We’re really–– we’re really almost in EHR in the cloud, so to speak, in that we have all these data that flows through the system. So an example is the work we’re doing with the American Academy of Family Physicians. Great pilot project. What we’ve been able to do with them is build Analytics on the data. They’ve identified and built the Analytics on data that’s already flowing through our system. So unlike a traditional kind of program, they call it a Clinical Data Repository, unlike a traditional program where you would collect data where you would identify what you want to do and then collect data in order to try to do it, we already have the information so we can focus on outcomes.

Amy Monagan: Uhum.

Gene Boerger: We can focus on gaps and care and less on how do we actually get the data to see if this concept will work.

Amy Monagan: Very good. Alright. Well, thank you so much for taking the time to be with us today. This is Amy Monagan with EHRtv at HIMSS 2012.

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