HIMSS 2012 – GE Healthcare, David A. Rowe – Product Demonstration

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David A. Rowe, Global Director of Consumer Product Marketing Healthcare Information Technology of GE Healthcare shows us new software at HIMSS 2012.

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Date: March 26, 2012
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David A. Rowe:

Hi, I am David Rowe. I am here today to show you Patient Online 13 which we are releasing here at HIMSS 12. Patient Online 13 is configured for large healthcare systems to extend the provider workflow to the Patient Home. I’d like to take a minute and give you an overview of the key features. Now here you can see the horizontal navigation to Patient Online and this is the home page which is configurable for a large healthcare organization to incorporate its brand, its look and its feel.

The patient logging in has the opportunity to take a look at their appointment scheduling, their bill pay, their demographics, insurance information, all of their medical records from across the entire healthcare system, not just their primary care physician. The ability to interact with providers directly through secure messages, E-Mail, text message alerts. They have the capability to enable their caregivers and their family members’ access to the portal and finally the ability here to read and learn more about important health education information that relates to their particular condition or their health risk status.

I’d like to take a moment and just show you some of the key features in Patient Online 13. The most important things that a patient portal can do is to make more convenient the jobs that a patient and a provider’s office are trying to do together and nothing is really more important than the ability to schedule an appointment at a time that a patient can make it.

Here you see the screens involved with the patient logging in and selecting the day and the time and the hour that’s most convenient for them and the type of appointment that they want to schedule whether it’s a routine physical exam, an annual exam or maybe a problem that’s occurred since their last exam. They make the selection and that appointment time is then sent directly to that provider as a request and one of the most interesting things about Patient Online is that the patient actually has the ability to login to a provider’s calendar and schedule that appointment in the real time and find out if that appointment is available, they will own it. If they want to schedule it, if they want to reschedule it they can login from their iPhone or their Android phone, request that that appointment be shifted to a more convenient day and time.

Another key feature of Patient Online 13 is the ability for the patient to login to the portal and pay a bill when they are ready to pay the bill. The system can send an automatic reminder via text message to the patient reminding they have a bill due in 5 days, 10 days or the next day. The patient can login, take a look at their patient balance and actually pay that bill online with a Visa or American Express, or whatever credit card that provider organization is accepting.

One of the most unique features of this portal in version 13 is that it has the capability to enable the patient to make a call to the Health Information Exchange and bring in all the clinical documents that are relevant to them whether that’s at their primary care physician, their specialists, or whether they traveled half way across the country to see a specialist. That data can be brought back into their patient portal giving that patient a longitudinal view into their Continuity of Care documents.

Finally every advanced patient portal needs to enable secure communications between the patient and the provider. Now Patient Online enables that – exactly that kind of communication in a secure, HIPAA compliant environment enables the patient to communicate with that doctor both in an iterative fashion, dialogue over time but also to actually enter into what we call an eVisit which could be reimbursable by the payer to the provider and to the patient.

Under HIPAA, it is very critical that the patient who gives access to a caregiver have a way to give rights to the another caregiver to login and this Patient Online has a Rights Access tool that allows them to give patient access – patient like access to a proxy, it might be a family member, it might be a caregiver. It allows the patient to see – not only give those rights, but to see who has logged in, when and what exactly, what data has been viewed. The patient can then cancel those rights so that that individual can no longer see it. Completely HIPAA compliant, completely secure and it giving control over that record to the patient. Patient Online is the most flexible, scalable, customizable patient portal from GE Centricity to enable large healthcare systems to extend the provider’s workflow to the patient home.

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