HIMSS 2012 – Medworxx, Dan Matlow

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Dr. Howard Rollins, EHRtv AIMS specialist and medical consultant, interviews Dan Matlow, President & Chief Executive Officer of Medworxx.

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Date: April 2, 2012
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Howard Rollins: This is Dr. Howard Rollins. I am at HIMSS 2012 in Las Vegas and I have the pleasure today of speaking to Mr. Dan Matlow who is the CEO of medworxx. Medworxx is a Canadian company I understand.

Dan Matlow: That’s right.

Howard Rollins: And you considered experts in the field of patient flow using utilization management principles. Is that right?

Dan Matlow: That’s correct Howard. You know, Canada is unique in terms of leading the world in the Universal healthcare and as a result of our healthcare system, our hospitals – rather our vacancy levels are at 97%, 98% occupancy. So the government has focused on projects that we let out through the evolution of a product which we called our medworxx Utilization Management patient flow solution which is designed to give hospitals analytics on the patients and in terms of their patient flow process that are they appropriate of being in a hospital setting.

Howard Rollins: Can you tell me a little about specifically how it would work?

Dan Matlow: Yes we have developed this really smart simple 30-second to 3-minute assessment module using clever – we call clinical criteria sets which were developed by medical group with physicians and doctors over a lengthy period of time where we do a very solid assessment on the patient every day to understand should they be in acute care setting and if they should be and they still are or they shouldn’t be and they still are, what are the reasons, what are the delays so that we can move the plan forward so that we can move that patient effectively and safely from the hospital and downstream to another setting and therefore reducing the cost and freeing up beds so we are freeing up our wait times in the emergency room. It’s a huge issue in our Canadian hospitals.

Howard Rollins: So the data that you are obtaining is coming from the – directly from the caretaker?

Dan Matlow: That’s right. The frontline caretaker – we call it patient flow navigators or the frontline nurse does the assessments everyday on the patient and the data that we get is hugely valuable. It changes the culture of the hospital. They refer to our data everyday and then operational reports and as a result, the culture changes and we see flow and we see movement a lot more effectively through the hospital.

Howard Rollins: As an aside, I am just curious. How do you handle the security issues with this – all this data? Is it an issue?

Dan Matlow: No it’s a secure product. It’s internally installed within the hospitals. We run our system on over 30% of all the beds in Canada. We have provincial deals, regional deals, hospital deals, big specific deals. It’s all proven. The data is extremely effective and now we are excited to bring this into the U.S. marketplace because you know of all the changes that is going on down in the U.S. systems in terms of the efficiencies. We want to share how we developed this system and help the American system get some efficiencies as well.

Howard Rollins: How do you see the demographics changing in the U.S. hospital system based on what’s happening with healthcare?

Dan Matlow: You know it. In the U.S. systems, fee-for-services can be the way to go 100%. Hospitals are going to be accountable for efficiencies. The senior level people are going to be accountable for efficiencies. Flow is the big issue. The average cost in our Canadian hospital is $600 per day for every patient, every day. So length of stay is a huge issue. We think that is one of the easiest ways to improve efficiencies and flow is a big issue. So we want to help out there.

Howard Rollins: And your experience in Canada. How has it been? Tell us a little about the results and how you – what you are adding value to the facility?

Dan Matlow: Our hospitals are seeing amazing results in terms of increasing – or reducing the length of stays on an average that are out there. They are focused on their hospital reasons, what are the reasons that a patient is in the hospital, what are the reasons, what are the delays? Those – all of those reasons have been reduced. Those are all analytics that come out of our system. We’ve – as a result, that’s how we got provincial deals and great provincial – regional deals that have happened because we are seeing the results and we are seeing the length of stay reductions.

Howard Rollins: So finally if I am running a facility here in the U.S. and I hear about medworxx and I give you a call and I say, “Tell me how you are going to help me?” Briefly what do I hear from you?

Dan Matlow: We are going to go understand your flow issues. We are going to – we have the ability to go in and do a diagnostic audit either by ourselves or with the partner. We work with lot of the bigger consulting groups that come in where we go in and do a benchmark assessment and do a 7-day view of your entire hospital bed and see what patients should and according to our system be in that hospital setting and if they were what were the reasons, what were the delays so that you can start making the process changes within your hospital so that you could effectively make some changes that are really helpful.

Howard Rollins: Well, then I wish you the best of luck here in the USA.

Dan Matlow: Thank you very much Howard, okay.

Howard Rollins: It’s been a pleasure talking to you.

Dan Matlow: Pleasure. All the best. Thank you Howard.

Howard Rollins: This has been Dr. Howard Rollins with EHRtv. I am having the pleasure of speaking with Dan Matlow, CEO of medworxx.

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