HIMSS 2012 – Practice Fusion, Paul Willard

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Dr. Eric Fishman, CEO EHRtv interviews Paul Willard, Chief Marketing Officer of Practice Fusion.

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Date: March 29, 2012
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Dr. Eric Fishman: This is Dr. Eric Fishman, of EHRtv and I have the pleasure of speaking with Paul Willard, Chief Marketing Officer of Practice Fusion. Paul you have done an incredible job getting, as you’ve said just a moment ago, the velocity of this product out into the market place. How do you do it?

Paul Willard: We primarily have an awareness problem first. People don’t know we are out there yet. We don’t have the budgets that some of the competitors in this space have to go out and buy dinner for every doctor in the country but once people do find out that we are there we then have a sort of have a disbelief problem around the free and I love talking to users at this conference here, because, you know, I get to talk to them directly and have them say “no, really what is the catch. Where do I have to sign my soul over.”

Dr. Eric Fishman: And how long does it take for you to convince them, nope it’s free and that’s the deal?

Paul Willard: The best outcome is when we can get people to just sign up and try it. I always just say you can cancel at any time. You didn’t pay any money so we don’t have to worry about money back..

Dr. Eric Fishman: Let me ask you, what is your next initiative, what is the next thing that you are going to be doing?

Paul Willard: We have a really nice roadmap for 2012. We are going to include things like doctor-to-doctor communication, chart sharing. We are going to have API so things like scales, blood sugar devices and other home devices can be used to put data into the system. We will have iPad versions that we already have designed and we are building furiously right now, so we’ve got a lot of good stuff in the road map.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Paul, Thank you.

Paul Willard: Thank you.

Dr. Eric Fishman: This is Dr. Eric Fishman speaking with Paul Willard, Chief Marketing Officer of Practice Fusion.

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