HIMSS 2012 – Shareable Ink, Stephen S. Hau

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Dr. Eric Fishman, CEO EHRtv interviews Stephen S. Hau, President & CEO of Shareable Ink.

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Date: March 13, 2012
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Dr. Eric Fishman: This is Dr. Eric Fishman with EHRtv, and we have the pleasure of speaking to Stephen Hau; CEO and Co-founder of Shareable Inc. Steve, thank you for taking some time today at HIMMS 2012.

Stephen Hau: Thanks for making time for me.

Dr. Eric Fishman: You’ve had a long history of being in health I.T. including having founded a major player in this industry; PatientKeeper. So, let’s go very briefly through that and then how that brought you to Shareable Ink.

Stephen Hau: Sure. Well, that’s right; so I’ve been in healthcare I.T. for – probably my entire career. I actually dropped out of a graduate program and started a company called PatientKeeper many years ago. And that was just a great experience about learning about physicians, their technology needs, and the challenges and opportunities of bringing healthcare I.T. into the market place. And to your point I left three year ago to start Shareable Ink. with some strong opinions about technology and healthcare.

Dr. Eric Fishman: How did you come up with the idea of Shareable Ink?

Stephen Hau: Well, you know I partnered up with a friend of mine; Dr. Vernon Huang who’s an anesthesiologist, and he also worked at PatientKepeer at the early years. He actually has a background – was a Medical Director at Apple Computers for a little while. And – you know, I think he came at it from a physician’s perspective and I came from a – more of a technologist perspective of trying to get technology in the hands of physician. And we got very excited about the prospect of creating natural input tools to make it very easy for physician to document. Basically we’re making two bets; we believe the industry has to become more electronic – I mean, if you just look around the trade show floor, I think everyone agrees with that. But we had a second bet which is – we thought without new innovative tools that transition was going to be difficult because productivity is so key in this industry.

Dr. Eric Fishman: And physicians have been handwriting forever. We’ll talk about anesthesia in just a moment. But tell us about the some of the other markets that you’re evolving into at this point in time.

Stephen Hau: Well, we have an enterprise cloud technology which is very flexible. At the heart of what we do, we take natural inputs from physicians. They can write using digital pen, use a pen with a camera. They can input using an iPad. We even take scanned images. And we’re able to convert the natural input into codified structured data. That’s generally applicable across healthcare. We started anesthesia and have been very successful there. But more recently, we move into emergency departments; that’s an area where the physician has to be highly productive; any sort of delay is just not acceptable in that environment. So that’s been an area where we’ve been very successful. We’ve done quite well in physician practices; again, that’s an area where productivity is very important. EMRs are making great progress there. Docs love to go to the EMR to retrieve information.

Dr. Eric Fishman: And they hate clicking.

Stephen Hau: But they sure hate clicking the keyboard and all the drop down list – can again make a productivity hit with the physicians.

Dr. Eric Fishman: And physicians are not known as having great handwriting. What type of accuracy do you get in interpreting the scroll that I and some of my colleagues have?

Stephen Hau: Yeah – you know, it’ very interesting. Our handwriting recognition is very robust, and we apply a lot interesting tricks of the trade. The fact that much of our documentations are done on forms, gives us contextual clues that give us an edge in getting the handwriting recognition correct. But beyond that, we process a page of medical documentation every thirty seconds of the day, and our activity is growing every – doubling every two to four months. And the result to that – we have a ton of data so we can almost predict what the physician is going to write in certain circumstances, and that gives us a huge advantage in handwriting recognition.

Dr. Eric Fishman: As you may have – may know even in the speech recognition business for quite some time, and there is a learning curve, and if a physician or now a correctionist, corrects a misrecognition; it improves the accuracy in the future. Does Shareable Ink have the same type of technology that – either for the individual user or for everybody on the cloud that if corrections are made, that there become a general improvement in the accuracy?

Stephen Hau: That’s absolutely right. So, our approach involves allowing physicians to use the system right out of the box. You don’t have to train the system, the system gets smarter as you use it. And it’s kind of leveraging the power of the cloud. Very much like Siri is really Nuance which is – you know, it’s a common voice –text technology. But once it’s all plugged-in the cloud, you get the benefit of learning what that physician does as well as what other physicians – what his cohorts are doing, and that gives us a huge advantage in our recognition capabilities.

Dr. Eric Fishman: It’s interesting stuff. Steve, I hope I’ll be able to speak with you next year at HIMMS. What do you expect to happen to Shareable Ink when you interfold between now and then?

Stephen Hau: Well, we’re having a great kind of growth experience right now. The year that we just ended was huge for the company. We won a lot of customers which is great because in addition to – you know, we want the software to be used; it’s a lot of fun creating benefits out there in the field and making customers successful. But also as a by-product of that, we’re getting just a ton of feedback with great ideas for future products and so forth. So not only is our sales pipeline very robust, our product pipeline is very very robust as well.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Are you interested in giving us one example of what you expect to show up functionality-wise in the next twelve months?

Stephen Hau: Well one thing we’re unveiling at the show today is Shareable Ink for iPads, so we’ve been very excited about the emergence of tablets especially the iPad device. It’s great to see physicians adopting a certain technology. iPads – you know, generally they’re great viewing tools – not the best input tool typically. So we’ve taken a very different take on the iPad. We actually put the paper on the iPads. We give physicians two modes: a guided view where they kind of enter a smart form, but also the ability to write in free style mode which is actually paper facsimile on the iPad, and it’s really neat because it’s really really fast. And again, we’re very sensitive to physician productivity – it’s about keeping that physician able to document just as quickly as possible. And we think we have a really neat offering on the iPad.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Wonderful having people like you in this industry. You – you know, quick thinkers and moving forward and…

Stephen Hau: We got a great team just working very hard, and we’re really excited about what we’re doing

Dr. Eric Fishman: Steve, I thank you very much, and I appreciate your time.

Stephen Hau: Yeah, I appreciate your time. Thank you.

Dr. Eric Fishman: This is Dr. Eric Fishman speaking to Steve Hau; CEO and co-founder of Shareable Ink. Thank you.

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