HIMSS 2012 – SuccessEHS, Adele Allison

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Amy Monagan, EHRtv correspondent interviews Adele Allison, National Director of Govenment Affairs of SuccessEHS.

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Date: March 26, 2012
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Amy Monagan: Hi, this is Amy Monagan with EHRtv, at HIMSS 2012 in Las Vegas. Today I am with Adele Allison of SuccessEHS. Adele thank you for being with me today and I appreciate you taking the time.

Adele Allison: Happy to be here.

Amy Monagan:Can you tell me a little bit about SuccessEHS?

Adele Allison: SuccessEHS, we have around, well we’ve actually had quite a growth spurt. We added about 150 employees last year.

Amy Monagan:Fabulous!

Adele Allison:We are a little over three hundred employees. We are a Southern Company, a closely held private company. Everything is done right here in America. We develop in America, we support America. We even answer our support lines “how can we help yall.” So.

Amy Monagan:So, a nice family environment then.

Adele Allison: That’s right. That’s right.

Amy Monagan: Fabulous. Can you tell me a little bit about what you are showcasing at HIMSS this year, what’s your focus?

Adele Allison: We have quite an extensive install base. We serve about 42 different specialties, but really with primary care being so front and center and the fact that we have about 10% of our market is community health centers, looking at that and patient centered care, the patient centered medical home has been something that we have really started to focus on. In fact we have got very involved, heavily involved with the Crescent City Beacon Community out of New Orleans and being one of 17 Beacon Communities, the overarching solution for that Beacon Community was the patient centered medical home recognition program under NCQA, and we cross walked all 149 factors in the NCQA requirements to a relevant work flow, mapped everything out, tied it up in a nice neat bow so that we can help our clients achieve that. So that has been a real big corporate priority for us, one of the big ones.

Amy Monagan:So, what is on the horizon for SuccessEHS?

Adele Allison: Well, with the announcement of Meaningful Use Stage 2, you know they’re four marks in Meaningful Use the way I see it. It’s Adopt, Capture data, move data, Report data. What I heard today from Dr. Mostachare when he gave his little two-hundred thousand foot view of the final rule, we are really looking at the third mark which is move data. SuccessEHS is very well positioned to take that on. We have spent enormous amounts of man hours developing an interoperability engine and this will allow us to facilitate IHE types of standards very, very quickly so that once we connect we can pass that off to a support level resource instead of a development level resource to make that happen. That goes to speed and cost of implementing health information exchange. So I see that as going to be something that all vendors will have to take a strong look at and I think we are well positioned for that.

Amy Monagan:OK, Great to hear, is there anything else that you think our viewers would be interested to know about you?

Adele Allison: You know really and truly as we look at what is going on, our industry is becoming heavily regulated and with those regulations it is becoming so critical for everybody that is making this type of a decision in how, and who they are choosing, not just to choose a software vendor but a technology partner and I really think that is where SuccessEHS is really going to take a step away from the other vendors out there. We look at offering an array of services that don’t just deliver the software components that you need but deliver how it’s implemented, consulting services, and then the long term support that’s required as we evolve and transform as a nation.

Amy Monagan:So, it sounds like you are really involved with the users of the software so that it works out well for them, it’s a smooth transition. I think that’s..

Adele Allison: Critical.

Amy Monagan:I thinks that’s a great benefit.

Adele Allison: It’s very critical, very critical to success.

Amy Monagan:Well I really appreciate you taking the time. Thank you.

Adele Allison: I appreciate it.

Amy Monagan:This is Amy with EHRtv at HIMSS 2012.

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