HIMSS 2012 – Summ-IT, Tony Scalese & Carlos Garcia

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Ann Fishman, with EHR TV, interviews Tony Scalese & Carlos Garcia of Summ-IT.

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Date: April 4, 2012
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Ann Fishman: I am Ann Fishman at HIMSS 2012. I am with Tony Scalese and Carlos Garcia with Summ-IT. Thank you so much for being with me.

Tony Scalese: Thank you.

Carlos Garcia: Thank you.

Ann Fishman: You are doing something very important. You are connecting EHR technology with Speech recognition technology. Would you explain what you are doing?

Tony Scalese: Sure basically what we are doing, we are utilizing Dragon Medical Practice Edition and what we are – this plan is with the use of an EMR, the physicians are now able to not only dictate directly into the EMR as we have in years passed, but what we have now done is we have been able to now with this special application once I dictate into the EMR, that information is – data is then pushed into the iPad. The nice thing about the iPad is it is bidirectional. So now they can make changes directly from the iPad back into the EMR. The biggest thing is before Dragon wasn’t compatible with an iPad. Thanks to Carlos and his application, it now is.

Ann Fishman: Do you have this application available for a PC or is it only for an iPad?

Tony Scalese: It’s ritually 4 – it can still be used for PC but the idea is we want it to be more mobile. So they want to use the idea to make it programmable for the iPad. Physicians like the iPad due to the size of the screen, the visibility of the EMR but it is also compatible with the Joy devices.

Ann Fishman: Carlos, what is the name of this application?

Carlos Garcia: The application name is myCare.

Ann Fishman: What tools did you need to get in order to create this application?

Carlos Garcia: The application itself is combination of with creator and interface that can be migrated to any EHR. Absolutely the one thing that we have is the ability to bring the information from the EMR, automatically transfer that information into the iPad, make any edits if need to be and automatically save it and going back to the EMR or whatever EMR we are using for them now.

Ann Fishman: How many EMRs have you already successfully deployed this product for?

Carlos Garcia: We have couple of EMRs right now. We are creating another partnership in the next couple of weeks with another physicians in Louisiana that are going to be using them.

Ann Fishman: Is it necessary for the EHR to provide certain data or technology to you or is this something you can do on the backend?

Carlos Garcia: We can do pretty much everything on the backend. What we need is with EHRs to work with us to have read access data and we can go ahead and take it from there. Pretty much the application itself, the interface is already down.

Ann Fishman: I am not sure who should answer this, but can you give me the price point of this and if you charge by the installation or by the user?

Carlos Garcia: We have a user licensing because of dragon technology for the mobility aspect. So that would be by physicians.

Ann Fishman: Do you guys want to show me how this works?

Tony Scalese: Absolutely. “Wake up”. Patient is a 36-year-old male with a history of hypertension. Tab, vitals as noted below. Insert normal lungs, Insert normal cardiac, Go to sleep. So now what we will do is we will basically use this data. The data is then saved in this EMR. The data is then pushed from the EMR directly into the iPad.

Carlos Garcia: The application will show exactly what he just dictated real-time.

Ann Fishman: Very impressive. How important is speech in terms of allowing the doctors to document and get reimbursed?

Tony Scalese: Well the mostly important as you know with – for the dictation aspect, it gives them the point to the Meaningful Use but more importantly rather than your typical EMR that has point-and-click, with the narrative text of Dragon Medical, now you are able to add other features into it that you can’t through the normal point-and-click of an EMR. So it expands the usability if you will through narrative or free flow text.

Ann Fishman: Are you the only company doing this?

Tony Scalese: Yes, as far as we know and we have had several people come to this event and even according to Nuance, we are the only people that they know of that are currently utilizing their technology through this application.

Ann Fishman: What else should people know about your product and service?

Carlos Garcia: The ability to work with an EHR, the ability to perform the backend for any clinical system. We have been around for many, many years doing integration. We know this product, we built it and so we have the ability to be flexible and I can show you also in this, if I had to make many mistakes, and it was a 38-year-old instead of a 36 years old actually, we can go ahead and change that in the iPad and you can see that real-time when it goes back to the EMR.

Ann Fishman: Very impressive. Thank you so much. It’s Ann Fishman at HIMSS 2012.

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