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EHRtv covers the HIStalk Practice party at HIMSS10 in Atlanta. The coverage includes the HIStalk 2010 HISSIE awards and entertaining presentations from many Health IT industry leaders.

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Date: April 5, 2010
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Ivo Nelson: If you're a doctor, could you raise your hand or stand up? And let's give an applause to all the doctors here. If you're a nurse, I want you to give a big Yahoo! cause I know nurses, when they get a few beers, they know how to have fun. If you're a pharmacist or any other kind of clinician, do the same thing. We want to thank you guys because you are health care. Lastly, I'm going to introduce some folks, Okay? There's going to be a series of speakers here including some awards that we're going to go through. So these are some of the regular contributors to HIStalk. We've got Dr. Greg Alexander who writes the Intelligent Healthcare Information Integration column. David Brooks who runs HIStalk Mobile and Dr. Joel Diamond who writes a column for HIStalk Practice. I'm going to hand this off to Dr. Diamond to kind of take it to the next step.

Dr. Joel Diamond: Thank you, Ivo. You're much taller than me obviously. Hello, everybody. Welcome all here. A couple of you have noticed that a couple of our guests are wearing some beauty queen sashes. The reason for that is they're HIStalk ambassadors. Maybe one of them could be the actual Mr. HIStalk or Inga. I've never met Inga but I've been told that she's very beautiful by Inga herself. About a year ago, I wrote a piece for HIStalk Practice. It was about ICD-9 codes and today while I was wandering the floor, I went to the booth where they're doing ICD-10 - are any of you familiar with ICD-10? It's actually great - and I asked them; I said I'm going to be seeing Inga this evening and are there any appropriate codes and honestly, these are honest to God true. So the one that they said would be most appropriate for her was 347.72 - great ass not otherwise classified. So if you see her, you might know that one. The other one that they told me about, which is an improvement in ICD-10. I don't know if you know this, we doctors hate to use a lot of those big, fancy terms. So for instance, gastroesophageal reflux disorder we call it GERD and they told me another one that might apply to Inga was BILF. I don't know if you know that BILF is Blogger I'd Like to -- fill in the rest. Anyway, our sash guests this evening include Bill O'Toole, Justin ---------- , Ann Farrow and I Could Be Mr. H, Lynn Durham, and Tammy Devore and Inga's BFF, Mathew Holt and HIStalk Booth Babe, Trey Lauderdale and HIStalk Tickles Me Pink, Dr. Greg Alexander and Diva Doc, Evan Steele and HIStalk Certified 2011, Amy Gleason and Interim Final Inga, Mike Quinto and Interim Final Mr. H. and last but not least, Gwen Darling is adorned with I Could be Inga. Gwen! Could you come up here for a moment?

Gwen Darling: Hello. For all of you who follow HERtalk, you know that Inga is very passionate about two things, health care IT and very sexy shoes or boots. So tonight, I have the great honor, on behalf of Inga, of presenting the Very Sexy Shoes award to two party goers who have honored Inga by showing up in hot footwear. The first one, please come forward and receive your sash- Inga Loves My Shoes - Kassie Beeson.

Cassie Beason: Hello, coming on spring. I've had some drinks.

Gwen Darling: All right! And the other Sexy Shoe award goes to Jennifer Lyle.

Jennifer Lyle: Thank you very much.

Dr. Greg Alexander: And I'd like to introduce David Brooks. You all may recognize him or starting to recognize him. He is the creator and principle brain behind HIStalk Mobile or H-I-S TalkMobile. David?

David Brooks: Thank you everybody. Thanks for showing up tonight. I'm apparently not entrusted to say a whole lot this evening but what I'm going to say is very important. I'd like to thank all the sponsors and employees of the sponsors HIStalk, HIStalk Practice and HIStalk Mobile. If all the employees can hold up a hand and let's give them some recognition. Thank you very much. We couldn't do without you guys. Dr. Alexander?

Dr. Greg Alexander: First of all, Mr. H and Inga have asked me to a special thanks to all those companies who help make HIStalk what it is and to recognize also a couple of the other friends that we have out in the audience. So when I call your name if you wouldn't mind just standing up so we can acknowledge what you have given to us. First is Dr. Lyle Berkowitz who contributes his Dr. Lyle post for HIStalk Practice. Lyle? Right here. Thank you, Lyle, very good.

Ben Rooks who writes the HCIT from the Investors Chair for HIStalk. Ben? Are you here, Ben? All right. Now, somewhere out there there's some anonymous contributors and you are asked not to stand up in order to maintain your anonymity such as the PACS designer, Lazlo Holyfield. Let's hear some applause anytime. Mountain Man, Weird News Andy or Susie R.N. So if you guys are out there, thank you for all that you do to contribute as well. Mr. H wants to thank them and also wants to thank anyone who sends in their comments, their posts, their rumors and just who in general helps to spread the word about HIStalk.

And now I have the wonderful honor, although this past week it may have changed a bit but I get the honor of one of the most anticipated moments here of the HIStalk reception and that is the presentation of the 2010 Hissie Awards and yep, that's why all you're all here. We know it's not the food or drinks, right? Mr. H. started that about six years ago. The nominees have all been nominated as many of you already know and were some of the nominators and the winners are voted on by all of you, the HIStalk voters. No one claims that these results are scientific but the results are definitely interesting.

I get the honor of the first category of the evening and that is the category of the The Smartest Vendor Strategic Move. The nominees this year for Smartest Vendor Strategic Move are: MediTech absorbs PtCT, AthenaHealth Guaranteeing Meaningful Use, eClinical Works Selling Through Sam's Club and Dell buying Perot. And drum roll please. The winner: AthenaHealth for Guaranteeing Meaningful Use. Jonathan Bush is here to accept the award. Let's hear it for Jonathan. Now, there is a couple of comments I have to make. I'm sorry, some of you who have been reading the news lately realize that this week brought some changes for AthenaHealth. JMP has downgraded their stock. We're kind of thinking that maybe Jonathan is not going to be able to talk a whole lot today because he's understand a lot of restrictions. So we'll get him up here. You can look at him at least but I don't know if he's - you know Jonathan, he doesn't talk a lot anyway. But anyway, if we could hear a round for our winner of the Smartest Strategic Vendor Move outside of last week. Jonathan?

Jonathan Bush: All right, thank you very much. Can you guys come down the sides? I feel like you have plausible deniability back there. You've got to move in. Seriously. With the glass, you can still talk. Brandon, I see you. Come around. Coward. It's a good point, you know, when you're being sued by 11 plaintiffs attorneys the right thing to do is to keep quiet. So we had a group meeting at Athena. When we can't decide we have a team meeting. We had the PR team and the investor relations team and I just asked the PR team and Halleck our PR guy, said it's perfectly fine to say anything you want. So basically I feel very comfortable with that. So basically, the way our earnings work was that we (unintelligible). So that explains that.

But now for some very important awards. I'm not insecure by all the talking that isn't me. First of all, I want to thank you all for giving me the Smartest Strategic Vendor Move award. Needless to say, I did not make that move but thank you Rob Cosinuke and the marketing team for that idea. It's a lot better than a lot of their other ideas, I'll tell you that for free. But anyway, we've guaranteed many hundreds of doctors so far and I have no idea what that means for us or them but we're very excited that we were able to get lots of attention. Quick break, study break, close your eyes. Ready? Ivo Nelson, William Shatner. Just a thought, just a thought. I've always wanted to meet you, Ivo. I never had a chance. Thank you. I couldn't get through.

Let's go to the Best Healthcare IT organization. This is it. This is like the last thing. The Best Healthcare IT Organization? Here are the choices, ladies and gentlemen: Picis. Nothing. Little applause? No? NextGen. No? They have a great dental product as well. Medsphere - your tax dollars at work. Medsphere - no? And finally, Epic. And the winner is - do I say it or do you push the clicker - Epic! The founders of Judaism, Epic. And Judy herself may be here if she's cool. Judy? I've always wanted to meet you too.

The next move and this is the dark side of Mr. HIS and Inga. If you're out there, I know you're dark. I look forward to seeing you but I know whatever it is that you have going on, there's some darkness. Stupidest Vendor Move: - A, Dell Buys Perot. Show of hands? Oh, a voice vote on that one. B, Eclipsys Replaces Executives and Lays off Staff. Couple of laid off staff in the room. Amen, Brother. And then Cerner Purchases IMC Healthcare. IMC - who makes these names? IMC Healthcare. It's like REC or HIE or I don't know. And finally, Stupidest Move of the Year - GE Healthcare Abandons its Enterprise Clients. I'm not sure what the upside is on that one. Anyway, drum roll please. The winner is - not them, not them, not them but no, GE! Learning from the NYPD on the use of a broom handle, GE Healthcare wins the prize and we wish them luck with that. I have to thank GE Healthcare for making my job so much easier. And luckily, there's no actual person so I don't feel shameful right now.

Next category, Worst Healthcare IT Vendor. This makes me feel sheepish cause soon I will be in this category. When I'm 70 I'll be rolling in my grave and some snippy little MBA will be telling me how it wasn't fair. They're tallying. Anyway, Worst Healthcare IT. First, there's McKesson. They can make all of your systems the same system on PowerPoint cause they make them all blue. And then, you know if they're all blue, they're probably the same system. MediTech which has hair product advice for you. Cerner. I love the insiders. You can make all your jokes and there's at least three people that know them all. The rest of you just sit down and relax, you'll get one soon. Cerner, who's angry. That parking lot, they didn't show the parking lot where people are not supposed to - yeah. And then finally, GE Healthcare. This is not complex. The winner is not them, not them - them. Don't clap too loud. We'd all be out of work if they weren't sucking it up so bad so thank God for that.

Finally, not finally, there's like 5,000 of these. Is everybody comfortable? Do you need a chair? I'm just getting warmed up. Never drink beer when you're being sued. We did Worst Healthcare IT. Best CEO of a Vendor/Consulting Firm. Okay, this is very awkward for me. Mr. HIS, if you are in the room, is there any chance someone else could be doing this particular award? Item one, this dashing, thoughtful, sensitive, young man. Number two, William Shatner. Number three, "Stretch" Cozzens - Todd Cozzens. His photos don't show the true magnitude. Is Todd in the room? You guys got to go look at this guy. He is unbelievable. And then finally, P. J. Hayes, everybody's friend and long as you keep your hand on your wallet from Paul Hayes. Look at that smile. Would that smile take money from you? Don't answer that question. And the winner is - parentheses, we will have an envelope announcing the winner in this category. After winner has said a few words accepting the honor, then move to the next category. Where's the envelope? Oh, I open the envelope? I'm reaching the point where I actually don't want to win. I'm so moved. I want to thank you all - Jonathan Bush. I win the award that I announced. If you ever doubted the scientific validity or ethics of this prize and this experience, you should start now. I want to thank everybody here for giving a chance, for real, to the new guys. And Mr. HIStalk is the ultimate new guy who got a chance. He didn't market himself, he didn't jump and down, he didn't wear hats. I didn't even know what he looks like. I think I know what he looks but I mean, a lot of us don't. So it's kind of nice that despite the board like feeling that people might think is true of health care IT that there's a little bit of space for people to move the deck chairs around. So thank you guys for letting the new guy in, letting me feel welcome and making me embarrass myself in front of thousands of people - some of whom are bloggers.

And now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast. This is the category Best IT Provider/Health IT Organization. It's like clan, right? It's like best clan. Here are the categories. Kaiser Permanente - on this important 90 anniversary of the Boston police workers strike, we remember the socialist medicine leaders. Oh, look, another socialist medicine leader, Mayo Clinic. And wait, a third - Cleveland Clinic. And then finally, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for use of vegetables and black turtleneck in the promotion of health care information progress. And the winner - this is a tough crowd. I'm glad I'm not in this race because they're all very tight and they have excellent endowments also. The winner is Cleveland Clinic!

HIS Related Company in which you'd love to be given $100,000 in stock that can't be cashed - Dell! Okay how about Picis! Okay, Epic! Everybody would love stock in that because she has it all. Or eClinical Works! I would like some of that. No? Yeah, right? All margin, no services, 100 percent gross margin, no follow-up on the claims. I love that (beep). That goes into the category of great work if you can get it. I could never get that work. And the winner is…fading…fading…fading…oh, I don't know. I don't know. Recount. I think there may have been a hanging chad but that's another Bush story. It's possible, it's possible. Anyway, that was a great award. I noticed nobody offered stock in Athena. That's okay, I'm not allowed to buy or sell right now.

Next award Most Promising Technology Development. One - Genetic DNA Analysis. Genetic Testing slash DNA Analysis. How about Smart phone apps? Not a real sense of the room here. The room is really focused elsewhere on the manicotti with pizza whatever that is. Virtualization. Don't even know what that is. Me neither. Cloud Computing, IBM. I've got to say, I want to thank the people of IBM for whatever that (beep) was. I don't know how they do it but I love the ads. That's my new partner, I should probably re-think that joke. And the winner is: Not DNA which you might think or Genetic. It's an interesting crowd that we really prefer Smart Phone Apps particularly Brickbreaker. Mr. HIS, I think you have a very odd demographic here reading this s--t.

Finally - not finally. I wish I could say finally. Next Most Overrated Technology. Item one, Service Oriented Architecture. No clue what that means. Item two, CPOE. I do know but that's because I was talking to Blackford Middleton and he told me. Item three, Smart Phones. They're not smart. Three - Speech Recognition if it recognized speech. That should be another contestant. And then finally RFID which is a fire department in the Dakotas. And the winner of this important overated technology… fading - Speech Recognition. If they would just recognize the speech, they'd be doing so much better. It's unfortunate, it's one little feature. I gave them that advice whoever "them" is.

Next Most Overused Buzzword. Very important information to take away the bloggers ready for the real time release of this information. Category one Health 2.0 - no freaking clue. Tim, are you here? I mean, Matthew. What is that word? I do not know. Two, Meaningful Use. Blackford? Where's Blackford Middleton? You made this s---t up and no one knows what you're talking about. Okay, how about Interoperability - like your VCR with your alarm clock. There's a plug in the back. How about my favorite German word - Stimulus. Not a lot of love for that one. I love their Stimulus bill. Finally, Reform. It's not funny because it's sad how much they hammer that poor word with a bunch of other stuff. Anyway, there they are. And the winner is not that, not that, not that - Meaningful Use! Unbelievable! I wonder what that says about our guarantee. Anyway.

This is a fun one. When blank talks, comma people listen. E. F. Hutton is not a choice. When Todd Cozzens talks? Sense of the crowd, little bit nothing, okay. When John Halamka talks or doesn't eat. When Barack Obama talks. I actually do listen. He scares the (beep) out of me. When David Blumenthal - who doesn't actually talk but when he does, do you listen? Of course, you do. This is hard, I would listen to all these -- they're disappearing. Okay, here we go. Barack Obama died early. Now- David Blumenthal! Big Dave could not make it because he was afraid he might have to talk. And then he was afraid that if he did people might - right - he might have to explain what Meaningful Use is.

Here's the script, we're pretty sure Dr. Blumenthal isn't here at this point but if so, please come forward. Dr. Blumenthal? Brief pause. Moving right along.

Most Effective CIO in Healthcare Provider Organization. As you do your betting, think back to the prior awards, it may be relevant. I'm not saying it is, I have no inside information. Here they go - Martin Harris, Cleveland Clinic. That's a fashionable name. Who wears Italian suits. I love his suits. Ed Marx, Texas Health Resources. There he is, goatee. John Glaser, Mr. Personality, very smiley. Not in that picture. He has a real smile. I've seen it. I watched the inauguration with him. It was weird, it was fun. Burt Reese of Sentara. No? I'm a huge fan of that guy. I mean, he didn't go with me so I'm not as big a fan as I would be if he had. And the winner is…no, no, no, oh, my God, no! It's a Harvard sweep. He doesn't even work there any more. I thought he got to work everywhere like he's on six month something. Now I believe, is it true that we have a video uplink download sideswipe of John Glaser live?

Video: John Glaser

It is my honor to be voted by the HIStalk community as the Best Provider CIO of 2009. However, I'm sure that many of you are wondering what were people thinking when they voted for him and as a perhaps corollary question, what does he do and is all that worthwhile. And I thought I would try to answer those questions by presenting a collage of activity that I engage on any particular day or month or during the course of the year that show what it is that I do as a health care CIO. One of the most important things that I do is to work with the Partners IT leadership to develop our overall strategy. Here is a scene of us looking at our five-year application road map and you'll notice that in addition to the road map in front of us, we all get to wear fancy hats and we have meetings at Partners and you'll notice the rest of the leadership team are wearing white hats because they know that at any particular moment, this strategy could head south in a very significant way and they may have to run for their lives.

Now, in addition to the leadership, at the Sea Suite level, I also spend a fair amount of time with the Partners board. Now, here our board members are clearly hypnotized by my dramatic and stirring rendition of some of the technical fine points of the service-oriented architecture that we are embarking upon. Now above and beyond the strategy development and board management et cetera, I do like to spend time outside of the organization and working with the broader health care and health care IT industry to see if we can collectively advance in more efficient and more effective ways. One of the ways that I do that is to give speeches and talks.

Here is a scene from a recent keynote that I gave and as you can see, the crowd response is overwhelming. They actually had to turn people away to that particular talk. In addition to the talks that I give, I occasionally write and I will make contributions to HIStalk, articles and occasionally books and here is a page of an article I'm working on now which as you can see continually demonstrate a sort of rare insight and understanding of the challenges that we collectively face.

And over the course of the last multiple months, I have been working closely with the federal government to lay out the specific rules and regulations in grant programs that are needed to support the HITECH Act which was passed last year. Now, here is a scene from a meeting between ONC folks and folks from Medicare. You may not know this, but when there are internal government meetings, we all get to wear powdered wigs and fancy outfits including those always stylish leg britches that you see here.

Now, not everything is devoted to the outside. I do spend a lot of time managing and trying to lead the IT organization. Here is an example of some new storage technology that we purchased and I'm sitting there trying to read the user manual because it's not clear to me it ought to be generating as much spark as it currently is.

Now, above and beyond technology (unintelligible) large operating and capital budget and obviously the board and leadership team is looking forward to a substantial return on that investment. And in an effort to leverage that return and to increase it, I spend time in various locales making sure that those dollars that are given to us grow and grow appropriately.

We also, as you do too, have to have great working relationships with the clinical staff. Here is a scene from a recent retreat with the medical staff that focused on EHR usability and support issues and obviously you can see a constructive dialog underway between the IT organization and a wide range of members of the medical staff.

And like you, I also have a lot of vendors that we work with and who we rely on quite heavily and it's very important that we have good working relationships with those vendors. So I will clearly spend time in dinners and other venues working with them and developing that sort of social background in a relationship that helps foster constructive discussions of contracts, implementation issues and product performance.

And I also, last but not least, like to roll up my sleeves from time to time and really get neck to neck with the support staff and the help desk staff as they tackle some of the challenges that they face. Here we are fixing the latest CEO iGizmo which he is prone to acquire and you can see me kneeling in the background praying that this will all work and work well. And all this adds up to the thing that I'm perhaps the most proud of and that is that these collective contributions have had a clear and dramatic effect on the health care industry overall. You can see this particular graph which shows, quite convincingly that these efforts have led to substantial increases of the colored charts and I'm quite proud of that. So I'm sorry I can't be with you. Again, I'm honored and I wish you all the best of HIMSS conferences.

Jonathan Bush: Now, the category you've all been eagerly anticipating, the brand making moment from Mr. HIStalk and the lovely Inga. Industry Figure in Whose Face You Most Like- Mr. HIS is having a grammar moment -In Whose Face You Most Like Throw a Pie, OK? Fine. Pay attention. Neal Patterson, Cerner. He always wins, it's not fair. Judy Faulkner, Epic. Never throw a pie in Judy's face. You'll go to hell so fast, you won't know what happened to you. Don't even think that. I didn't think it, I wasn't thinking it. Glen Tullman - wow, nice. Like a football dad. Winner - for the sixth year running Neal "Parking Lot" Patterson. We need a pie for this. It's not funny. Mathew Holt is unhappy. He's going to blog unfavorably on these. I'm just reading this (beep) okay. Give me a break.

Next award, ready? PowerPoint HIS Industry Figure with Whom You'd Most Like to Have a Few Beers. I'm booked tonight because I've already had a few beers but I am a candidate so maybe you can talk me out of it. Item one, Judy Faulkner of Epic. Don't worry, I'm a candidate. Todd Cozzens of Picis. Got to click a little more of clickage. Clickage - it's like an EMR demo, come on. John Glaser of Partners. John Halamka - as long as it's a vegan beer and Jonathan Freaking Bush of AthenaHealth. Can I get an amen? Nobody ever clapped for George Bush that way I got to say except for a bunch of people who's wife and girlfriend were the same person. That's normal. I forget how that joke goes. Anyway, not him. Sorry, John. Not the vegan, nope, nope. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Judy Faulkner! I don't believe it. However, she's not available and I was definitely in second place according to that Power Point, so maybe it's me you need to see.

HIS Health IT Figure of the Year - of the year: Todd Cozzens - can we get Todd to win one? He's been nominated for everything. Blumenthal - lot of power there. Can you see the power? It's even got the power tie and Halamka - the power lack of tie. And the winner is - oh, David Blumenthal. When you get that many billions to give away, you're powerful. It's not fair but there it is.

Jonathan done. Ivo comes back up. You're done. Mayday. Next page. Well, following is a presentation of the American College of Medical Informatamusicology. All views expressed herein are solely those of the presenter and do not necessarily reflect the views of the college, the presenters, employers or clients. Any publication of this presentation without express permission of the college is strictly prohibited. Listeners who choose to follow the recommendations offered in this presentation do so at their own risk and the college assumes no liability. In the event that the presenter is captured or killed, the college will deny any association with the presenter though they reserve the right to send candies to the alleged perpetrators on holidays and place them on the college's email distribution list. And now, HIStalk presents Dr. HITECH, the world premier of the Meaningful Use rap.

Dr. HITECH: I need your help guys. I need this guy's help first. Hold on.

Meaningful Use

Say Yo! (Yo!)
C’mon say Yo! (Yo!)
Say H-I-T (H-I-T)
Say H-I-T (H-I-T)

Yo, all you doctors won’t you lend me an ear
While this wannabe hip-hopper sez what’s goin’ on here
Just take a look at the HITECH Act
It says EHR and you say, “Tell me somethin’ new, Jack!
EHRs have been around for a while
They cost and arm and a leg and then they cramp your style”
You do a double-take—“Yo, Home, now how can this be?
It says Uncle Sam is lookin’ to give some money to me!”
And so I’m here to tell you that this message is for real
But there’s just one way to make it into this deal
Goin’ paperless ain't nothing if you ain't got the juice
You got to interoperate and show some Meaningful Use

Two-oh-eleven's when the money starts to flow
So you bettah listen up to hear the things you need to know
You need an EHR that does interoperability
And gets the thumbs-up from a certifying entity
They’ll put it through the paces and make certain it’ll jive
With all the bits, bytes and regs—then it’s time for you to drive
If you do what I sayin' you won't be chasin’ a wild goose
You’ll be on your way to showin’ Meaningful Use

Meaningful Use, Meaningful Use
Gettin’ things done with your Meaningful Use
Use a CCR or your CCD
For shootin’ out a patient record summary
E-prescribin’, med history and formulary benefit
Out a doubt NCPDP is a sure bit
Admin transactin’ with X12 forty-ten
PQRI for quality reportin’
Public health exchanges usin’ HL7
That's how we’re makin’ changes in two-thousand-eleven for
Meaningful Use, Meaningful Use
Takin’ care of patients with your Meaningful Use

By now you're prob’ly thinkin’, “Man, somethin’ ain’t right—
This boy don't got the moves and his rappin’ ain’t tight”
You got that one straight—I may not be too cool
But this message is important, so I’m willing to play the fool
Now tip your hats to the cats from the ONC
They’re the ones under the gun to set the stimulus dough free
Startin’ state HIEs and makin’ Beacons from Communities
Fundin’ SHARP and training and RECs
All the money's movin’ out so there will be no excuse
For not puttin’ patients first and doin’ Meaningful Use
So get hip to what I'm sayin’—cut the power loose
And get your forty-four Gs or more for Meaningful Use

Get your forty-four G's for doin' Meaningful Use
Put the patient first and do some Meaningful Use!

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