PGA 2011 – Hospital Newspaper

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Stephanie Taieb interviews Jeff Horton and Jim Stankiewicz from Hospital Newspaper.

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Date: February 29, 2012
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Stephanie Taieb:Hello, this is Stephanie Taieb, and today I’m at the New York State Society of Anesthesiologists, and with me is Jeff Horton and Jim Stankiewicz; which I’m going to introduce right now. Hello Jeff.

Jeff Horton: Hi, how are you Stephanie?

Stephanie Taieb:Good, thanks. And Jim?

Jim Stankiewicz: Hello Stephanie, it’s nice to see you and we’re excited to be here.

Stephanie Taieb:Oh, same – same for me here. Okay, so first question, please tell me what brings you today?

Jeff Horton: Well, we’re here to meet as many exhibitors and anesthesiologists. We reach the hospital community in New York State, New Jersey, and New England, a total of two-hundred seventy-one thousand hospital C suite executives, B suite, medical directors, directors of departments like anesthesiology.

Stephanie Taieb:Okay, what is your mission here today?

Jim Stankiewicz: Well, our mission is that we did a lot of advertising for Will Burdett; the head of the PGA convention. We helped to bring more exhibitors in and more attendees. So our mission here is to be a compliment to that and really to get our newspaper into the hands of the people that matter the most.

Stephanie Taieb:So Hospital Newspapers – since when – when did you start?

Jim Stankiewicz: We started in 2001. We are a company called Belsito Communications. It specializes in niche publications in websites across the industry. We have a hospital newspaper, a healthcare news, and also a first responder newspaper.

Stephanie Taieb:And so, tell me more about who’s your target? Who are you aiming at with the newspaper online and paper?

Jeff Horton: Our website is; everything can be found there including copies of past editions. The audience is everyone from a director of a department on up through the CEO of a hospital, the medical directors, the purchasing people, practice people, hospitalist, senior nurse managers. Basically the entire decision-making team of a hospital facility receives the copies through the mail, 2nd class delivery by name and title, or through subscriptions at thirty-six dollars, or our show’s special of today at twenty-five. And then we publish twelve editions in New York, twelve editions each year in New Jersey, and currently six throughout New England. And on our booth, we have our total audiences as of November. So it is great marketing opportunity; we are looking for public relations impact both online and in print, and our editorial calendar will give marketers and people in the hospital community ideas of where we’re going next year which we’ve added some new programs in the face of the healthcare reform battles that are going on. You’ll be able to use hospital newspaper if you’re from the hospital industry to advocate positions of benefit to the industry. If you’re a supplier, you can talk about solutions that are offered. We’ve just recently added all the people in Congress and at the Senate in the Federal Government to receive Hospital Newspaper so that they will have input from the industry as healthcare reform rolls along into whatever its final form ends up being. We’ve added new product showcase promotions that we’re introducing here at the show. And we are looking at expanding recruitment because in 2014, going back to my issue about healthcare reform, we are going to start to see a huge influx of uninsured people finally getting some form of healthcare.

Stephanie Taieb:In particular, regarding anesthesiologists that you can add – what are you aiming at today?

Jim Stankiewicz: Well, I could tell you that our anesthesiologist readership has grown by twenty percent over the last two year. What we like to do is educate the anesthesiologist coming in to the industry and also get ask-the-expert kind of advice from the anesthesiologist already in the hospital industry. So we do – double with that, and also we’ve grown in our website; our membership in that has grown by fifteen percent. So it’s a growing industry in anesthesiologists, and we’re happy to be here and that’s why we’re here to publish today and help the anesthesiologist.

Stephanie Taieb:Well, thanks very much. That’s great. Good luck and hopefully, we’ll see you again soon.

Jim Stankiewicz: Thank you Stephanie.

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