Jennifer Bolduc, MD

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Jennifer Bolduc, MD – Allscripts ™ EHR User

Dr. Jennifer Bolduc, a pediatric physician, has been using the Allscripts ™ application, Allscripts Remote™, since its debut in the health information technology (HIT) industry. She discusses with EHRtv a recent situation where Allscripts Remote saved the day for one of her colleague’s pediatric patients in the emergency room. With no background health information, Dr. Bolduc used her Allscripts Remote application on her mobile device to gain access to vital patient information. The ER nurses were very amazed by the Allscripts Remote technology, having seen nothing like it before. With Allscripts Remote, Dr. Bolduc illustrated that she could quickly retrieve patient data, from the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR), in critical situations. Allscripts EHR (electronic health record) and PM (practice management) solutions continue to prove an amazing and extremely flexible product. She feels that the health information technology (HIT) industry is the right direction for medicine. In addition, Dr. Jennifer Bolduc believes that electronic medical record (EMR) software is our “antibiotics,” a contribution to the next generation.

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Date: February 12, 2009
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