Let’s get Personal – 06/03/2010

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Let’s Get Personal is a show which discusses news of the delivery of health-related information via telecommunications.

In this episode, Wolf discusses Telehealth, Cardiocom and Pulse.

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Date: June 3, 2010
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Hello I’m Brie Wolf and this is Let’s Get Personal. Let’s Get Personal discusses the latest happenings of the delivery of health-related information via telecommunications technologies.

Intel declares TELEhealth as the next BIG thing. The new model provides incentives for wellness and saving money.

89% of "C-level" executives surveyed, agreed with the TELEHEALTH premise.

Furthermore, 2/3rds of hospitals are already users of Telehealth with a success rate of 87%.

In other news, Cardiocom announced the release of its new pulse oximeter.

The company’s new device is specifically suited for the home telehealth environment.

Daniel L. Cosentino, CEO and President says "Cardiocom's decade of experience in telehealth, innovative products, and ancillary nurse service, provides the best telehealth solutions to improve care for patients with complex chronic conditions." Cardiocom's telehealth solutions has proven to decrease unnecessary inpatient admissions and improve quality of care for integrated health systems, home health agencies, managed care organizations and specialty care companies.

Lastly, Pulse published an exclusive article on where the use of Telemedicine may be unsafe.

According to results from a review of published evidence on Care Closer to Home, consultants are not comfortable with use of telemedicine in areas such as dermatology and often insist on seeing patients face-to-face.

The review, carried out by researchers from the RCGP and Royal College of Physicians, also warned there was very little evidence to suggest Care Closer to Home overall was any more clinically effective or cheaper than conventional care.

Dr. Clare Gerada, chair-elect of the RCGP says, “the mantra is that care Closer to Home is the way forward but we’re going to say it doesn’t matter where care is carried out as long as services are integrated.”

I’m Brie Wolf and this has been Let’s Get Personal- Thank you for watching.

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