Let’s get Personal – 06/07/2010

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In this episode, Wolf discusses topics on: myMediConnect, Angel Health Strategies, LLC partnership and Dossia’s EHR package for small and mid-size practices.

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Date: June 7, 2010
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Hello I’m Brie Wolf and this is Let’s Get Personal.
Business Wire published an article announcing MediConnect Global Renaming PassportMD Personal Health Record Portal to myMediConnect.
myMediConnect online gives individuals everywhere the ability to control their own health.
Amy Rees Anderson, CEO of MediConnect Global says:
“The name myMediConnect reflects the central role of the personal health record and consumer health portal in our core vision of improving the quality and cost of healthcare for individuals and organizations.”
In addition to easy access of patients entire health documents, members can maintain medical records of all doctor visits, connect easily with physicians, save money on medications, track progress towards personal fitness goals and become better educated about healthcare issues.
myMediConnect is also one of 4 PHR services chosen by the federal government to participate in a current Medicare PHR pilot program.
In other news,
Angel Health Strategies LLC of Providence has joined with the founders of the ER Card, an electronic personnel health record business, to help further develop its base operations in Rhode Island.
Angel Health Strategies is a consulting firm dedicated to innovative advancement in life sciences and healthcare services.
ER Card offers a membership service allowing any individual greater control of their medical information by creating a secure electronic personal health record.
The ER Card also provides its members with immediate access to critical health and full contact information.
Lastly, Information Week published an article on Dossia, who is offering its e-health record software to other companies and is also developing an EHR package for small and mid-size businesses.
The Dossia Personal Health Platform is now being offered to a wider range of employers that want to provide EHRs to their workers.
Those customers will be offered applications that are available through the Dossia platform.
Steve Munini, Dossia COO said:
“Unlike EHRs offered by some health insurance companies and healthcare providers, Dossia's records are "portable. If a worker leaves the employer for another job or retires, the Dossia record can move with the individual.”
I’m Brie Wolf and this has been Let’s Get Personal – Thank you for watching.

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