Let’s get Personal – 06/16/2010

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Topics in this episode include: Consumer surveys on PHR access through a secure internet connection; Kareo and Practice Fusion integrated solution and an article on how the web in changing healthcare.

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Date: June 16, 2010
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Hello I’m Brie Wolf and this is Let’s Get Personal.

Modern Medicine published an article sharing how 1 in 5 consumers rated their interest as high, when it comes to accessing personal health records through a secure Internet connection. However, according to the 3rd annual Deloitte Center for Health Solutions Survey of Health Care Consumers, only 10 % of survey respondents reported having a personal health record. Paul H. Keckley, PhD, executive director of the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions shares:

"Consumers tend to be resigned to the system when it comes to technology and service and have modest desires compared with other industries, such as retail, banking, and travel." The survey also found that 5% of survey participants reported using social networking sites to look for information about prescription drugs.

In other news, Kareo and Practice Fusion announced launch of their integrated solution for medical practitioners. Kareo, the leading provider of easy and affordable medical billing software for physicians in the US and Practice Fusion, the fastest growing electronic health record community, have paired up to provide doctors with an effective way to manage their whole practice.

Dan Rodrigues, CEO of Kareo states:

"With web-based platforms and low cost of ownership from both Kareo and Practice Fusion, there is no other medical billing and EHR solution on the market that's as easy, affordable, and quick-to-setup."With a user base of 38,000 medical providers and millions of patients, Practice Fusion is eager to partner with more groups - like Kareo.

Finally, Viewpoints published a detailed article on how the web Is changing healthcare. The article pointed out how hospitals have been slowly making the transition to electronic health record’s for more than 10 years. It also addressed the large difference between an EHR maintained by a medical care provider and an EHR maintained by the user. Legally, providers like insurance companies and hospitals must adhere to state and federal privacy laws. Personal health record services do not have to adhere to these laws. Moreover, the article provided information regarding online personal health records so users can decide which provider offers the best personal health record system and what they need to know about storing their vital stats on the web.

I’m Brie Wolf and this has been Let’s Get Personal – Thank you for watching.

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