Let’s get Personal – 07/02/2010

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In this episode of Let’s Get Personal we learn that politicians have been brainstorming on ways to cut medical expenses for the average patient.  Healthrageous, Inc. secured $6 million in start up funding to commercialize personalized health.  Lastly, Mosquera write an article on how CMS and the VA department plan to add a feature to their electronic patient portals.

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Date: July 2, 2010
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Hello. I'm Brie Wolf with Let's Get Personal.

An article from Sky Newsire.com, shared that Capitol Hill politicians have been brainstorming on ways to cut medical expenses for the average patient. They could take heed from a New Jersey computer company that has addressed the subject with Allutia, a patent pending software product that is completely secure and HIPAA Compliant. With Allutia, patients can simply enter their information online, before their scheduled appointment time. This eliminates any need to arrive early. Patients can move from one doctor to another without undergoing tests or treatments previously done and their complete history of records arrives prior to the appointment. Without the need to transpose any earlier medical information, any margin of error is greatly reduced. Thus, a savings of both time and money for both the patient and practitioner.

Moving on, Healthrageous, Inc., a personalized health technology company, secured $6 Million dollars in Start up Funding to Commercialize Personalized Health. The proceeds will be used to commercialize a proven health technology platform. The platform provides personalized, interactive and motivational self-management tools helping people embrace healthy lifestyles while overcoming poor habits. Rick Lee, CEO of Healthrageous shares:

"Our key focus is supporting healthy lifestyles. More than half of all chronic medical conditions develop as a result of unhealthy behaviors. These conditions represent hundreds of billions of dollars in avoidable healthcare costs annually."

Healthrageous' innovative technologies were developed and tested at the Center for Connected Health. The Center is an internationally recognized leader in telemedicene solutions and is affiliated with Harvard Medical School.

Finally, Mary Mosquera wrote an article in Government Health IT on how The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Veterans Affairs Department plan to add a feature to their electronic patient portals. The feature known as the "blue button” initiative is named for a new electronic button on the portal websites. This will let patients to use their data in any way they choose and it will allow beneficiaries access to download their personal health information into a patient health record. Up until now seniors and veterans have only been able to review their data on CMS’s MyMedicare.gov and VA’s MyHealtheVet. The blue button is expected to be added the portals this fall. Todd Park, HHS’s chief technology officer said:

“Consumers are anxious to see what innovators can do with patient level data."

Patients can access all of their data online directly, through Microsoft’s HealthVault personal health record and from other services as well.

From Let’s Get Personal – I'm Brie Wolf. Thank you for watching.

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