Let’s get Personal – 07/21/2010

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Topics include:
MMRGlobal secured $10 million in standby equity line to facilitate international growth.
Victor Battles, MD published an article explaining how personal health records can decrease healthcare expenses.
Microsoft launched HealthVault in the UK.

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Date: July 21, 2010
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Hello. I'm Brie Wolf and you're watching Let's Get Personal.

MMRGlobal secured $10 Million dollars in standby equity line to facilitate international growth.
The company plans to continue expanding its' personal health record products and services.
Many of MMRGlobal's stockholders often ask 'How will the Company finance its growth?' ".
Robert H. Lorsch, MMRGlobal Chairman and CEO answers this:
"The Company has always been very open, honest and candid that all options were on the table. In analyzing various financing options for the Company, it was determined by the board that having the equity line in place is the right thing to do at this time."
Lorsch further states "As sales increase, the need for the facility will begin to disappear."
Additionally, the Company expects it will generate more cash from operations while continuing to identify other financing options.
Next month, MMR will also be announcing the re-launch of MyEsafeDepostBox.

Moving on to other news, Dr. Victor Battles published an article on how employing a personal health record can decrease healthcare expenses.
Many of the healthcare dollars go toward the generation of information needed to make diagnoses and provide appropriate medical treatment.
However, most doctors have yet to adopt the technology.
Dr. Battles feels the best way to record health information is by the patient and he enforces having one's own personal health record.
The article includes how maintaining a personal health record should reduce healthcare expenses not only at the time of the new patient visit, but also during established patient visits.

Our final story of today is the annoucement of Microsoft launching its HealthVault cloud-based health-organiser platform in the UK.
The platform is designed to allow organisations to develop applications that let individuals monitor various aspects of their performance.
Dave Coplin, Microsoft's national technology officer, told ZDNet UK:
"HealthVault is aimed at the 13% of the UK population who are actively engaged in monitoring their wellness."
Both law enforcement and the intelligence services will only have access to the information should they present a warrant.

Until next time, I'm Brie Wolf with Let's Get Personal. Thank you for watching.

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