Let’s get Personal – 07/28/2010

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Topics include:
Article about Intel’s healthcare projects aim to transform life for seniors in the year 2050.
MediConnect Global announced its web-based personal health record system.
Article in Physicians Practice on how the medical home is a new approach to providing care.

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Date: July 28, 2010
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Welcome to Let's Get Personal. I'm Brie Wolf.

In the news, Chip Chick published an article on how Intel's Healthcare Projects are aiming to transform life for seniors in the year 2050.
Currently, 9% of the population is over the age of 60 and by 2050 that parentage will grow to 21%.
Intel is aware of the growing aging population and they set out to figure how to use technology to attempt to help make senior citizens live more independently.
Over the past decade, the company has had an increasing investment in personal health.
Intel believes that technology can help with the prevention of accidents, early detection of sicknesses and it can also help people who are themselves caregivers.
Even for non-technically savvy people, the system is simple enough to obtain personal health information, which equates to less trips to the emergency room.
The Intel Health Guide has already started becoming available to purchase and use in Europe.

In other news,
MediConnect Global recently announced its popular consumer web-based personal health record system. The program is now compatible with a wide array of mobile devices. These devices include iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and most Google Android and HP/Palm Web OS smartphones.
myMediConnect is one of only 4 PHR systems chosen by the Obama administration to participate in the current Medicare PHR pilot program.
Amy Rees Anderson, MediConnect Global CEO, shares "More smartphones are sold today than laptop computers. As mobile devices become more robust and capable, our products will evolve to stay on top of usage and behavior trends in order to empower myMediConnect users with the flexibility to better manage their health how, when and where they want."
Members can even enjoy the ability to quickly look up medications taken previously, for instance while standing in line waiting to consult with a pharmacist.

And lastly, Bruce Kleaveland published an article in Physicians Practice on how the medical home is a new approach to providing care.
Medical Homes are helping practices move away from the traditional visit-based structure to a more patient-centered model.
The article includes the widgets needed to successfully transform a medical practice into a medical home.
The first step is obtaining health maintenance features within an EHR.
The next step is Order entry.
Following is secure e-mail and patient portals.
Finally is Disease registries and reporting tools.
Kleaveland enforces that you cannot manage what you do not measure.
Increasingly, practices will be financially rewarded or punished according to these measures.
The payoff of a medical home is healthier, more satisfied patients, and a more professionally rewarding practice.

I'm Brie Wolf with Let's Get Personal. Thanks for watching

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