Let’s get Personal – 05/28/2010

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In this episode of Let’s Get Personal, Brie Wolf discusses the survey of PHR users in the pilot programs in Arizona and Utah. Other topics include: Veterans Affairs Department adopting telehealth strategies and MyMedicalRecord.com’s new product MMRPro.

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Date: May 28, 2010
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Hello I’m Brie Wolf and this is “Let’s Get Personal”.

This fall, the Department of Health and Human Services will conduct a survey of 500 Medicare beneficiaries who are using personal health records software under pilot programs in Arizona and Utah.

In a notice published May 14 in the Federal Register, the department notes: "We know very little about why consumers, elect to use PHRs and what functionality they want from a PHR. Understanding these needs will be critical if HHS and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are to pursue PHRs as a tool to empower consumers to manage their health and have the capability to link to their provider's EHR."

Under the pilots launched in January 2009, those participating may select a PHR from 4 vendors: Google Health, HealthTrio, NoMoreClipboard and PassportMD.

In other news, each day, thousands of retired veterans record their pulse and blood pressure at home.They then send the information to care coordinators at the Veterans Health Administration. The care coordinators flag all problems that need immediate attention.

The Veterans Affairs Department has taken a lead role in adopting telehealth strategies, and it is expanding those programs.

Dr. Adam Darkins, the top telehealth executive at VHA, feels the greatest benefit of the Home Telehealth program is that it allows older patients with chronic conditions to live at home independently for a longer time.

Dr. Darkins says: "We are getting patient satisfaction scores of 86 percent, which are very high levels. The patients have to do less travel, and they can get problems resolved quickly. They feel the care coordination system is their lifeline."

And lastly, MMR introduced its new Blog re-designed to make it easier to communicate.

MMR will begin an expanded social networking effort to educate readers on the importance of having a personal health record.

The company’s newest product, MMRPro is designed to give physicians a cost-effective solution to digitizing patient charts while providing patients real time access to their medical records.

MyMedicalRecords.com uses fax, phone, and file upload to transmit and store documents, images and voicemail messages. This is all handled via a confidential account that gives people access to their medical records, anytime from anywhere in the world using the Internet.

I’m Brie Wolf and this has been Let’s Get Personal– Thank you for watching.

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