MGMA 2011 – Computers Made Effective, Polly Tillinghast

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Amy Hamilton, EHRtv correspondent, speaks with Computers Made Effective CEO, Polly Tillinghast.

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Date: January 30, 2012
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Amy Hamilton: Hello, I’m Amy Hamilton here with Polly Tillinghast from Computers Made Effective. We’re at MGMA 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Polly, I understand that you’ve been a certified reseller of Dragon Medical for fifteen years now.

Polly Tillinghast: Fifteen years, yes!

Amy Hamilton: So, what does Dragon Medical Practice Edition bring to the table that the previous versions do not?

Polly Tillinghast: This one is faster, it’s more accurate, and I know we say that every version, but it really is. And I've been doing this since before Dragon had numbers after it. It was just Dragon naturally speaking. And now, we’re at the best possible version of Dragon. It’s now called Dragon Medical Practice Edition and it is outstanding. What we do is different— as a value added reseller, is that we provide a turnkey solution for the physicians.

Doctors need to learn how to use this software. It takes about three to five minutes to create a voice file and some people think of that as training but actually, they need an hour or two of training to really learn how to use the software. And it just makes their productivity so much faster, reduces their cost, all of those kinds of things that we hear about. And we go on-site to train, we train online, we customize the doctors’ way of working— to the doctors’ way of working, not to the way some piece of software thinks it should do, but we find out what it is, how the doctor practices medicine and what’s best for the doctor or the practice.

Amy Hamilton: So, Polly, I understand that Dragon Medical Practice Edition is compatible with almost every EHR system out on the market place.

Polly Tillinghast: Yes!

Amy Hamilton: What does Computers Made Effective bring to the EHR integration process of the Dragon Medical Practice Edition?

Polly Tillinghast: Okay, basically, if you can evaluate in an EMR whether it’s going to work with Dragon or not, if you can type, you can talk. So that’s the first thing. However, every single EMR is slightly different and what we bring to the table is that we know how to manipulate the software; we know how to write voice commands based on the technology within that EMR in order to customize it for that practice.

Amy Hamilton: So, when a physician purchases Dragon Medical Practice Edition, is there a discovery period where you spend time with them learning about their workflow—

Polly Tillinghast: Yes!

Amy Hamilton: And helping them integrate Dragon not just into their EHR but into their daily workflow?

Polly Tillinghast: Yes, it’s very important, first of all, for a physician to have a demonstration of the software so he can see or she can see how the software is working. And then, we speak to them or their administrative staff or their IT people, whoever they decide is in charge in that staff, to see how their workflow is and what it is they need to get their job done, to get their transcription done.

Amy Hamilton: How would a doctor go about getting a demo of Dragon Medical Practice Edition from Computers Made Effective?

Polly Tillinghast: What we do is go online. Either we can go on-site, if they’re close enough, we can go on-site or we can go online which is extremely effective. We go to a website and the doctor signs in to the website as well and they can see our computer and we demonstrate that. We demonstrate, they ask questions, we’re on the telephone. When it comes time to train them, we simply reverse that process and we’re online on their computer and we can transfer files, we are watching the doctor dictate, we’re coaching them right through the training process of how to use Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

Amy Hamilton: So I understand that Computers Made Effective offers an entire turnkey solution with EHR integration and workflow integration.

Polly Tillinghast: Yes.

Amy Hamilton: Which EHR systems do you currently work with?

Polly Tillinghast: Well, we work with many of them. Anything that’s Windows based, we work with. Some of the things that come to mind that we’ve done a great— had a lot of experience with would be NextGen, eClinicalWorks, Allscripts, Intergy by by Sage,—let me think of some more— e-MDs is another one that we’ve done a lot of work with, Centricity,—I don’t know, there’s so many—Athena, Athenahealth, we’ve done a good bit of work with. And basically, if you can type, you can talk, and if it’s web based, if it’s— however it’s based, we can make it work.

Amy Hamilton: Polly, thank you so much for taking the time today to tell us how Computers Made Effective can bring an entire solution to a physicians’ office, who’s using pretty much any EHR system.

Polly Tillinghast: Thank you so much for having me and speaking with me. We really enjoy working with this software. We really enjoy working with the physicians in helping them improve their productivity and save them money.

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