MGMA 2011 – Jardogs Demo

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Jardogs CEO, Jim Hewitt, demonstrates their Patient Portal, Patient Kiosk, and, Home Care + Wellness products.

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Date: January 5, 2012
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FollowMyHealth Patient Portal

This is our FollowMyHealth Patient Portal, our universal health record. So, John’s going to use Windows Live ID. You can use Yahoo!, Gmail.

So, this is the main screen that a patient will see when they log in – gives them a news feed, upcoming appointments, health reminders. You can go to ‘My Health’ real quick. This is where the bulk of the patient information resides. That’s their summary screen. You will notice it graphs the information for the patient; those are the Top 3 resolvable items. You can look at your conditions, medications, allergies and also if the clinic or hospital allows it. You can look at scanned documentations as well as physician notes. And that’s all within the patient’s control. They also can see all the doctors that they have interacted with. They can ask for appointments on ‘My Consultations’ from the doctor’s screen. They also can pay their bill online. They can update their demographic information.

The real power of FollowMyHealth has allowed them to connect with other organizations so they quickly can come in and request connections to other organizations in their community and irrigate that data from those organizations back to their personal health record so it shows you how you are connected to that organization and all the features and functions that you have with that organization.

FollowMyHealth Patient Kiosk

This is biometrics. I am enrolling myself into the system. So, the first time to use it, the receptionist will enroll the patient into it. I am using this device to do that.

The technology that we have integrated into this product is a technology from Fujitsu called Palmsecure that reads the vein pattern inside your hand. So I’m going to come in, then I’m going to select biometrics as the way to identify me and I put my hand down and it found me. So, I can quickly update my photo. Let’s save that and that saves it directly into the EMR. This is my appointment for the day, so I will select that and then it will walk me through a series of different questions that that organization has set up by that specific appointment type. So, going through my birthday, it’s my address, pay via credit card, printing my receipt and then I am finished checking in. And that is that product.

FollowMyHealth HomeCare+Wellness

So, what the system is going to do in this specific scenario is that the doctor has prescribed or ordered physical therapy for me at home. That information goes through FollowMyHealth and will go directly into my Xbox at home. There is a video that appears first to show how to do that exercise. This is a simple monitor that will monitor my blood pressure and then the system is now going to take a hold of me, watching my blood pressure. So, as I am doing the exercises, its monitoring me and counting me doing those and making sure that I am doing them correctly. As you can see, the counter is counting up each time I successfully do one of those exercises and it’s measuring my heart rate as I do this. And after I complete this exercise, it will automatically report back to my physician or care team that I have completed that exercise as well as any of the statistics that it’s monitoring for me. So, I did 15 repetitions at a minute and 26 seconds with an average heart rate of 103 beats per minute and with the power of FollowMyHealth, it’s going to real time transfer that I completed the exercise, so that information will flow back real time into the physician’s EMR, letting them know that I have completed that exercise.

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  • Diana Strong says:

    I really like the innovation especially the biometric component that lets you sign in using the unique vein pattern in a patient’s hand. This phr has patient engagement built right into it. Good for MU stage 2,3.

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