NewsFlash – 05/24/2010

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Dawn DiPaola discusses the partnership of personal health record companies and electronic health record companies. Sevocity teamed up with NoMoreClipBoard. CHARTIS teamed up with DiPaola further discusses international partnerships as well as Vanguard partnerships.

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Date: May 24, 2010
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Hello, I’m Dawn DiPaola, and I will be discussing news and events surrounding the recent surge in Personal Health Records. We are seeing an increasing number of PHR products, and a number of them are partnering with EHR companies to ensure seamless integration and health information sharing.

First, Ambulatory EHR software vendor Sevocity has teamed up with to integrate patient portal and personal health records applications into the Sevocity EHR software. The new portal feature enables the sharing of data between physician EHRs and patient PHRs. It also supports secure messaging for appointment scheduling, medication refills, and billing and clinical questions.

Another partnership has occurred between Chartis and MyMedicalRecords. Chartis will now provide MMR Information System’s secure online PHR to Chartis policyholders worldwide. The program will be offered as an integrated benefit to policyholders, and will be introduced through local Chartis insurance companies throughout the world. The PHR will be powered by MMR Information Systems, incorporating its MyMedicalRecords patented technologies. It will first be available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.

Another international partnership has formed between PositiveID Corporation and the International Maritime Medical Association, a trade association that promotes the health and medical interests of seafarers, port workers and cruise passengers worldwide. They will first launch a pilot program that offers the PositiveID Health Link PHR to up to 1,000 seafarers in Antwerp, Belgium and Manila, Philippines. If this pilot is successful, they plan to offer the Health Link PHR to a half million seafarers per year on a paid subscription basis.

And lastly, Pitney Bowes, Wal-Mart and Intel will be offering employees online personal health records as a strategy to help reduce the companies’ healthcare costs. The three companies partnered with Vanguard Health Systems to create a consortium called Dossia. This service is expected to help employees better manage and improve their health. The information in the personal health record is confidential; employers do not have access to this information.

I’m Dawn DiPaola, and this is EHRtv NewsFlash. Thanks for watching.

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