NewsFlash – 05/28/2010

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In this episode of NewsFlash, DiPaola discusses the health IT workforce. Specifically, the ONC is funding programs to financially assist students entering health IT as a field of study. 70 colleges have been funded.

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Date: May 28, 2010
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Hello, I’m Dawn DiPaola, and today I will be discussing the health IT workforce. To achieve the federal government’s ambitious goals for nationwide EHR adoption and Health IT advancement, skilled and knowledgeable health IT professionals must be available.

The HITECH Act is expected to generate between 45,000 and 50,000 health IT jobs over the next five years. The ONC is funding programs to financially assist students entering health IT as a field of study.

The ONC has funded 70 community colleges and universities to create workforce training. The new health IT workforce will equip Regional Extension Centers with the professionals needed to assist primary care physicians with the selection and implementation of electronic health records.

One program aiming to enhance the health IT workforce as developed out of a partnership with e-MDs, the University of Texas, and the Texas e-Health Alliance. The 9-week summer internship program will help develop the health IT workforce and prepare students to meet the expanding industry demands.

Upon completion of the 9-week program, 50 students will be granted a certificate as a health information manager and exchange specialist. This program will better prepare students to meet the Health IT workforce demands as electronic health record adoption increases.

It was also announced that Cal State San Marcos will develop a certificate program in Health Information Technology. The university was recently given a $50,000 grant award to support the development of a new Certificate in Health Information Technology.

The program will begin in January 2011. It will produce graduates who can provide leadership in the evolution of HIT in San Diego County, providing students with both technology and management skills. Program curricula will focus on developing an understanding of healthcare, IT domain knowledge, and an ability to manage organizational and cultural changes.

I’m Dawn DiPaola, and this is EHRtv NewsFlash. Thanks for watching.

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