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Michael Tranchina speaks with Greg Davidson, Healthcare Senior Business Development Manager at Panasonic. Mr. Davidson explains Panasonic’s healthcare segment, stating that Panasonic delivers computing tools that are developed based on data security, reliability, and functionality. Mr. Davidson discusses Panasonic’s full line of mobile solutions, and focuses on the newest Panasonic product for healthcare: the Toughbook C1. Mr. Davidson and Michael Tranchina close by reviewing how interested parties can obtain Panasonic’s products through vendors and ISVs.

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Date: March 24, 2010
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Michael Tranchina: Hi, this is Mike Tranchina for EHRtv and today, I'm with Greg Davidson, Health Care Senior Business Development Manager at Panasonic. Hi, Greg.

Greg Davidson: Hi, nice to meet you.

Michael Tranchina: Greg, tell me about Panasonic and your work within the healthcare IT arena.

Greg Davidson: Actually, healthcare is one of the fastest growing segments for Panasonic Toughbooks in the U.S. We've been in this market for several years and I think one of the reasons why it's been such a success for us is because we're specifically focused on markets where computing is all about reliability and about data management. For us, in environments such as healthcare where data is so mission critical to the operations of a facility not to mention the quality of care, the hardware that it runs on has to be mission critical as well. That's kind of what Panasonic is known for.

Michael Tranchina: You're announcing a new product, the Toughbook. Is this a new version of the Toughbook that we've heard about before?

Greg Davidson: Yes. One of the great things that we offer for the healthcare space is we have a very full line of products. There's no such thing as a one size fits all kind of user. Doctors are different than nurses who are different than home health users. What we try not to do is take one device, put it on everybody and say you need to change your work flow to fit this device. Instead, we take the opposite approach. We have a very full line of products so regardless of what they're trying to do, what kind of setting, whether it's mounted, whether it's on a cow, whether they're trying to carry it around with them, we have a different product that meets their needs. So we have a new product this year. It's called the Toughbook C1.

Michael Tranchina: Tell me about the C1.

Greg Davidson: Sure. This was built with a lot of customer feedback in mind. We have an annual customer event where we get a feedback from customers about what they like and what they don't like and want to see in our products. This came directly from a lot of our customer feedback. The Toughbook C1 is actually the world's lightest 12.1 inch convertible tablet. It weighs 3.2 pounds with one battery or you can have a second battery in there that weighs 3.7 pounds. The great thing about the second battery it allows at any time they can take one battery out, hot swap and put another one in. So the doctor or nurse doesn't have to stop what they're doing, leave the patient. They can carry an extra one around with them, they can have it charging in an external charger and they can just keep going. It also has a dual function display so it's touch screen and it's also a tablet PC as well. It's spill resistance so when you spill anything on it, they can pick it up and keep going. Also, when you walk into the patient's room, you don't always have a place to sit something down so it's got the nice hand strap built in. So they always carry it around with them and they can work while they're standing up really easily.

Michael Tranchina: Portability is really important obviously and the way things are going, how do you see the market moving with the EHR implementations, the HIT movements and changes? Where do you see Panasonic moving with those changes?

Greg Davidson: Well, for us it is all about portability and mobility. We have a full line of mobile solutions. That's all we do. We're not about desktops, we're not about servers. For us, it's mobility. We think that's a key in this space because the more information you can have right there at the point of care, not only the more productive user they're going to be but the better quality of care they're going to provide. Then, the reduction of errors. We don't want a situation where they've got to either remember something when they talk about a patient, go somewhere else and have to type it in or write down little paper notes and have to transcribe it again. The more that can be captured there at the point of care, they're going to have better decisions, less errors and overall quality of patient care.

Michael Tranchina: So if I'm a physician and I'm interested in this product, how would I find someone to sell it to me? How do you go to market with this product.

Greg Davidson: We actually don't sell direct. We sell through a number of vendors many who are here at HIMSS. Whether that's a reseller like a CDW or Insight or DataSource Mobility but then also a number of ISVs, whether that's a Cerner, whether that's an Eclipsys or Siemens. They also sell our products too. I think the key for us is we don't sell direct because we think the customers have a better experience when they come with a complete solution versus having to get a box here, go to somebody else for the software et cetera. So we work with those vendors who can package up the whole solution for the customers.

Michael Tranchina: Is there anything else you'd like to tell me about today's show or Panasonic and what your plans are for the future?

Greg Davidson: Well, it's been a really good event for us so far. We have really great feedback on the C1, the H1 that we launched last year and our full line of products. We're really excited about this coming year. We see a lot great things ahead for us and we just can't wait to be a part of the revolution as it's going on.

Michael Tranchina: Awesome. Thanks, Greg.

Greg Davidson: Thanks so much, Mike.

Michael Tranchina: Great talking to you.

Greg Davidson: Nice to meet you.

Michael Tranchina: This is Mike Tranchina with EHRtv at HIMSS10.

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