PGA 2011 – Abeo, Mike Bulger

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Dr. Eric Fishman, CEO EHRtv interviews Mike Bulger of abeo at PGA 2011.

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Date: February 7, 2012
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Dr. Eric Fishman This is Dr. Eric Fishman with EHRtv and we’re with the New York State Society of Anesthesiology PGA meeting in New York, and I’m here with Mike Bulger, Vice President at Abeo. And Mike, thank you very much for chatting with me for a few minutes.

Mike Bulger Well, thank you doctor.

Dr. Eric Fishman I understand that Abeo does a number of things including a substantial amount of anesthesia billing. If you could explain that to us I would appreciate that – starting with Abeo itself and then your involvement in Abeo.

Mike Bulger Certainly Abeo actually is the country’s largest anesthesia billing and practice management company serving over two thousand physicians in just about every state in the union, six operation centers, and massive staff of experts ranging from billing and collections of course all the way up to practice management and financial management services.

Dr. Eric Fishman And do you do billing for anesthesiology?

Mike Bulger Anesthesiology…

Dr. Eric Fishman Do you do the billing for the facility at all?

Mike Bulger No, we’re focused a hundred percent on the services of anesthesia.

Dr. Eric Fishman Okay.

Mike Bulger And that is our expertise, and it’s been growing in that field.

Dr. Eric Fishman And as I understand you’ve been doing this for quite a number of years?

Mike Bulger Abeo has been in business – you know, going back – actually over fifteen or twenty years with the beginning. So the company’s really out of Dallas, and the second operation out of Salt Lake City. So there was…

Dr. Eric Fishman And I understand now that you have clients now across the entire country.

Mike Bulger Yes, yes we do. Probably serve nearly the anesthesiologist and probably over two-hundred hospital facilities around the country are served by Abeo’s clients.

Dr. Eric Fishman What do you see as the biggest strength of Abeo?

Mike Bulger Well, the strength of Abeo – the largest strength is obviously our focus, our people, our staff and our ability to deliver financial performance unequaled in the market. What we’ve done though, recently with the acquisition of my company in the creation of the Hospital Service Division is to bring a whole new level of service to the market.

Dr. Eric Fishman And so what is the Hospital Service Division?

Mike Bulger The Hospital Service Division is formed really by the convergence of technology with the resources that Abeo has brought. The technology really is promoting the implementation of anesthesia medical records.

Dr. Eric Fishman Right.

Mike Bulger Which is the foundation of our division. We develop a middleware software product whose job it is to interrogate and draw data from these anesthesia records.

Dr. Eric Fishman Just by any AIMS will…

Mike Bulger Any AIMS – yes, we’ve developed a standard interfacing methodology which you know, we’re working with the various AIMS manufacturers to conform to our standards, but it’s job is to bring the data in and apply a massive amount of edits to this data to make sure that it’s complete, and compliant, and correct before it moves it into the billing operation. So it’s adding a huge amount of efficiencies, cost-savings, revenue improvement opportunities as it moves its data. And so that we know that the implementation of this technology is a very distinct and unique benefit that Abeo is bringing to the market, coupled with obviously, the huge resources that Abeo has in the back end. Other than the billing efficiencies though, we think the longer curve is the use of data for quality improvement to help hospitals make strategic decisions.

Dr. Eric Fishman So you’re talking about ACOs recently?

Mike Bulger Yes, and we have the infrastructure like the AIMS technologies coupled with our extra excision we have a unique opportunity to gather data beyond billing; that is useful – we know, down the road for various initiatives including decision support. So we’re excited about that – taking this – I think unique – again, this confluence of technology and service to the hospital market, and doing it in a way that I think will serve the greater need of lowering cost and improving revenue, improving services.

Dr. Eric Fishman My good luck and it’s going to be an exciting time coming ahead.

Mike Bulger Why, thank you.

Dr. Eric Fishman Thank you.

Mike Bulger I appreciate it. Thank you doctor.

Dr. Eric Fishman This is Dr. Eric Fishman with EHRtv, thank you very much.

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