MGMA 2011 – Philips, David Pridmore

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Eric Fishman, with EHR TV, speaking with David Pridmore, Manager – Integrated Solutions.

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Date: December 6, 2011
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Dr. Eric Fishman: This is Eric Fishman with EHRTV. We have the pleasure today of speaking with David Pridmore, Manager of Integrated Solutions with Philips Speech Processing and we are going to learn about some of the very interesting devices. So, David, thank you for taking the time.

David Pridmore: Thank you for having me.

Dr. Eric Fishman: So, I understand that Philips has a variety of products, the Speech Mic, and one of the fortes is its integration capabilities with a variety of EHR. So, there is dozens of EHRs here at MGMA in Las Vegas and what is it about this device that allows it to function so well?

David Pridmore: Well, it’s a combination of a lot of things. When it comes to our Speech Mic and really the way that Philips goes about providing these products to our partners, we first have a great process and a great software developer kit that we are able to provide to our partners to allow them to integrate our solutions with their software solutions. So, basically, it provides a great workflow for their customers. We are the first thing that interfaced with the customer, with the end user. So, we like to provide something that’s very solid, that’s very high quality that works. Another thing about ours is we have an anti-microbial cover on these mics. What it means is it will not hold on to bacteria or other things that could be bad for hygiene.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Is that a HIPAA requirement or …?

David Pridmore: It’s not a HIPAA requirement. As a matter of fact, we are the first in the market to do this. No one else has.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Have you had a lot of requests for it?

David Pridmore: Well, we actually got a little ahead of the curve. When we went from Speech Mic 2 to Speech Mic 3, we asked a lot of our customers what they wanted and that was one thing that kept getting mentioned and we found a way to make that happen. So, that’s been very positive.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Now, when a physician buys one of these and they are using one of these electronic health record products, do they need to do any integration or has that already been done? What does the physician need to do to make it work with their particular product?

David Pridmore: What happens in the process is the EHR vendor will approach Philips or we will more than likely approach them first; that’s part of my job is to reach out to these guys and make sure they have our software developer kit and that they have everything they need to get the process started. So, what we will do is we will reach out to them, they will reach out to us, we will get them the information they need and all of that happens in the background so the end user does not have to worry about it. So, when the end user picks this up, starts to dictate the first process and the EHR, they are ready to go.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Let’s talk about picking this up – I don’t see any wires attached to this. Tell us about this particular product.

David Pridmore: Right, right. Exactly. This is the Speech Mic Air. It is out Speech Mic product but what it does is it works with Bluetooth technology and you do not have to have a wire attached to it. So, it’s completely un-tethered. They can walk away up to 33 feet and still continue dictating. I mean, yes you are in front of an EHR and maybe they are not going to move very far away, but what’s great about it is there is no cord for them to roll over with their chair or anything like that. But on the flip side, we have another model called the Speech Mic 3 32100 which is a tethered model and what’s nice about it is one of the key pieces to any Speech Mic that breaks down is the cord. So, what will happen with ours is we have a removable USB cord that if something happens to the cord, you can replace that for just a few dollars and keep your same mic. So, it’s very nice.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Okay, how long has the Speech Mic Air been available?

David Pridmore: Speech Mic Air has been available by a year and a half right now and it’s really just catching on. People are really getting to enjoy being able to move around, being able to stay mobile.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Why is that? I would have expected it to take off immediately.

David Pridmore: Well it was funny. I think it was at the particular time people had so many of the Speech Mic 2 and they were satisfied with that and as they started to look at changing those out now, they have actually started to take a look at this model as well and what’s great is it has all the same features, it is very easy to operate, it’s got a built-in mouse, built-in trackball. So, not only can they use this for speech recognition but they can also use this to move around the screen and to click on different things within the package.

Dr. Eric Fishman: David, this is frequently used in situations in which there is speech recognition involved.

David Pridmore: Yes.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Tell me about the speech recognition capabilities at this point in time and then going into the future.

David Pridmore: One of our main goals that we have with these microphones is to provide the best level of speech recognition and as I mentioned, we are at the highest level with our partners that we are integrated. So, we will continue to strive to stay equal and better to what they can provide as we continue to improve our product.

Dr. Eric Fishman: Great. I look forward to the future.

David Pridmore: Yes.

Dr. Eric Fishman: David, thank you very much.

David Pridmore: Thank you. Good to see you.

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