Proxense – CEO John Giobbi

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Michael Tranchina Interviews John Giobbi, CEO of Proxense
Designing TruProx Devices for convenience in Healthcare and Retail

A True proximity-based censor network, and a suite of applications that run on top of that. By having the network being a single unit, allows for all the applications to share its underlining technologies and feature set which lowers the cost for each of the modules. It gives us alot of flexibility as to what the modules can do.

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Date: July 25, 2009
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Information: Proxense's technology, which the company calls TruProx, consists of RF-enabled keys and sensors. Proxense's “Personal Digital Keys,” or PDKs can be carried by users, perhaps even within a cell phone, and can securely hold data and manage authentication. The PDKs can be read by retailers, for instance, or even used to store any type of record.

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