Readiness Assessment – 1.1 – Getting Started

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In this section you will learn about the Readiness Assessment, the foundation to successfully implement and EHR System.

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Date: February 26, 2010
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Voiceover: A Readiness Assessment is a process to measure the stage at which your practice is ready to adopt an EHR.

A readiness assessment will help you: Determine inherent and potential risks; Prepare patients and staff for change; Increase likelihood and degree of success; Maximize ROI; Save time and resources

Planning is a necessary component of the readiness assessment. If you fail to prepare then…

You will have an EHR that fails to…

  • Align with the practice goals
  • Meet the specific needs of your workflow
  • Efficiently work with your technical infrastructure
  • Satisfy the needs of your staff and patients
  • Prove cost-effective

Lindsay Pine: One could estimate that over 50% of failed HER implementations occur because of a failure to perform an adequate readiness assessment. Let’s now find out what an expert has to say about why a readiness assessment is crucial.

Evan Steele, President of SRSsoft: Every practice needs an EMR to replace the antiquated paper chart system, but not every practice is ready for an EMR. One of the key items that should be at the top of every practice’s checklist is: having a network infrastructure that is top notch. And that includes, top notch computers, fast crisp internet connection, wireless networking and making sure that when they install and EMR that it works well in their office.

Voiceover: In order for your practice to be READY – You must understand the Readiness Assessment 5-Step Process:

  1. Establish Business Plan
  2. Identify the Organizational Culture
  3. Identify Technological Capabilities
  4. Examine Workflow and Operations
  5. Resources Needed

You have now completed Chapter 1.1 - Getting Started with a Readiness Assessment. Continue to Chapter 1.2 to learn about the first step in completing a Readiness Assessment.

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