Readiness Assessment – 1.0 – Introduction

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This is the introduction to provide physicians an overview of what they will learn throughout EHRtv’s video series.

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Date: February 26, 2010
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Eric Fishman, MD: Hello and welcome to the headquarters of EHRtv. I’m your host, Dr. Eric Fishman and I will be your guide throughout this video series. Joining me are Nicole Laws and Lindsay Pine, experts in healthcare communications and electronic health records. Selecting and adopting the appropriate EHR for your practice is an extraordinarily overwhelming process.

This is not only because there are more than 300 EHRs from which to choose, but also because you will need to significantly revamp the way that you do medicine.

Let’s discuss the essential elements to successfully adopt an electronic health record.

First, is the foundation, which is known as the Readiness Assessment. This will provide you with a better understanding of how ready you are to begin the EHR search.

Once you are ready we will take you to the next component which is EHR vendor selection and negotiation. In that section, you will learn how to choose the best EHR that suits your needs and get the best contract for your practice.

After selecting your EHR, you will begin your implementation plan. This segment appears must smaller in the pyramid, it is s a very complex process and will require substantial changes in your workflow – you need to think about that carefully.

Now lastly, you will need to understand that utilizing an EHR in your practice requires maintenance. It is during this stage that you will qualify for the $44,000 in Federal government incentive payments that we’ve all heard so much about.

Now, let’s get started.

Nicole will introduce the first chapter in the readiness assessment.

Nicole Laws: It is extremely important to get an understanding of how prepared your practice is to adopt an EHR. You must complete six video segments for you to fully understand a readiness assessment. This is the first segment of the readiness assessment chapter. You will learn the definition, benefits, pitfalls and the process of how to conduct a readiness assessment. After viewing the last segment of this chapter, you will have the resources to perform a real readiness assessment for your practice.

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