Rob Powell

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Rob Powell – Director of Sales, SYNNEX ™ Corporation

After seeing the future growth in health information technology (HIT), SYNNEX ™ reached out to Allscripts ™, and developed a partnership. SYNNEX serves as a business process outsourcing company, enabling resellers throughout the US with a variety of services, now including electronic medical record (EMR) solutions. SYNNEX resellers are able to provide a bundled solution with Allscripts MyWay EHR (electronic health record). Physicians benefit by using a SYNNEX reseller as a ‘one stop shop’ for healthcare information technology services and support. Powell discusses costs of an on-premise solution and leasing options for electronic medical record EMR related products. The importance of electronic medical record (EMR) approved hardware is also mentioned. On average, a physician will pay more than $6,500 for hardware relating to an on-premise electronic medical record (EMR) solution. SYNNEX Corp. pre-screens all hardware and software vendors they resell, to ensure physician ease and customer satisfaction. Powell believes that Allscripts MyWay EMR (electronic medical record) is the ideal solution for one to three physician practices.

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Date: February 14, 2009
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