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At HIMSS10, Michael Tranchina had the opportunity to speak with David Finn, Health Information Technology Officer at Symantec.  Symantec has a long history of serving providers and hospitals, but has focused its attention on leveraging strengths to help providers deal with the impending ARRA and HITECH Act requirements. Mr. Finn explains that Symantec is more than just a desktop security product; it provides enterprise level storage, management, security, and sharing of data, especially in healthcare. Mr. Finn and Michael Tranchina close by discussing a couple of Symantec Health products, including Symantec Health Safe and Symantec Health Image Share.

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Date: March 23, 2010
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Michael Tranchina: Hi, this is Mike Tranchina with EHRtv and I'm with David Finn, the Health Information Technology Officer at Symantec. Hi, David.

David Finn: Good afternoon.

Michael Tranchina: Tell me about Symantec's presence in the HIT industry in this business.

David Finn: Well, Symantec has a long history of serving providers and hospitals in the HIT field but recently, we've refocused our attention and our offerings to leverage our strengths and what we do best to really help providers deal with some of the changes that are coming down the road with ARRA and the HITECH Act and the requirements that they're going to be faced with as we evolve in the HIT era.

Michael Tranchina: I think most people understand or know of your company for security on the desktop. How is your move into the healthcare industry changing and moving away from just the desktop to the broader security needs?

David Finn: That's a good question. Most people think of us as their anti-virus and we're really much more than that. At the enterprise level, we're about storage and storage management, we're about clustering and high availability. We're about security clearly but recently, we've announced our first healthcare specifics offerings. In that area, we're leveraging our strengths in cloud storage and security to store and back up the Pacs images, the medical images. These are generally huge files, large volumes and we are trying to take that burden off the hospitals so they can focus on meaningful use and health information exchange - the things that are really hospital specific. The things we can take off their hands - the technical infrastructure - we want to help do that for them.

Michael Tranchina: Tell me about some of the products that you're showcasing here at HIMSS.

David Finn: The two big showcases today are Symantec Health Safe which is this in the cloud storage of the medical images and that's been in release since December. We have a number of clients up and running on that. We kind of went, well once it’s in the cloud, its very easy to share. Given the pressures on providers to be able to share information and provide that across the continuum of care, we said let's figure out a way now that it's in the cloud to securely share those images. Because it's in the cloud, we're not bound by the walls of a single provider so we're seeing customers who want to use this to do physician outreach, we're seeing physicians who are interested in major providers - the hospitals they work with - getting it so they can send referrals into the hospital's pack systems without using CDs and DVDs and in some cases, even sending film. So this is a solution that's safe, secure and fast. It speeds though some of those clinical processes.

Michael Tranchina: Now is this a product that a hospital system would install for the physicians in their area like a regional support?

David Finn: Absolutely. I think typically what we'll see is hospitals, providers who have large quantities of medical images want to do this because they can save money on the storage, get disaster recovery and then leverage that into the sharing opportunity. That may be within their affiliated doctors but more importantly, with the doctors who may not ever come to that hospital but now want to start referring patients in there.

Michael Tranchina: Tell me, one of the new products is your Symantec Health and I don't know if you just talked to me about that but if you could expand on that.

David Finn: Symantec Health is the umbrella offering so we have the Symantec Health Safe which is focused on the storage and Symantec Health Image Share which is the sharing opportunity with the Dicom images, the medical images and the associated reports.

Michael Tranchina: So it's a very focused vertical for the healthcare initiative.

David Finn: Absolutely.

Michael Tranchina: Is there anything else you'd like to tell me about your offering today or what you're anticipating in the future for Symantec?

David Finn: It's interesting as we try to bring all of these strengths together. I mentioned we're in healthcare in a lot of ways. We want to try to-bring that together in a more coherent way recognizing that healthcare really is different and that healthcare today has pressures and drivers that no other industry is being faced with.

Michael Tranchina: Thank you. I appreciate your time.

David Finn: Thank you.

Michael Tranchina: This is Mike Tranchina with EHRtv.

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