Tom Auer, MD – CMO, Queens Long Island Medical Group

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Tom Auer, MD – CMO, Queens Long Island Medical Group

Dr. Tom Auer, Chief Medical Officer of Queens Long Island Medical Group has been a user of electronic medical systems before Allscripts acquired ChannelHealth. When the time came to implement the Allscripts EMR, or electronic medical record system, the medical practice experienced found it to be a seamless transition. Auer refers to Allscripts technology as a tremendous platform. The physicians of Queens Long Island Medical Group found the greatest savings by the Allscripts EMR (electronic medical record) with the fact that everything is legible and patient record information is accessible everywhere.

As the CMO of the organization, the entire staff uses the Allscripts EMR software system. The patient electronic records are available to the medical staff from any internet connection. The workflow of the medical practice is enhanced by Allscripts EMR, electronic medical record system. Queens Long Island Medical Group is a multi-specialty group consisting of 300 physicians in 22 locations, including hospitalists and home healthcare management. In addition to internal connectivity, the medical practice is also interconnected with several outside entities, such as radiology laboratories and hospital systems. Once a laboratory receives an order or lab request from these physicians, the electronic medical record will be populated with the resulting data. Finally, alerts are sent to the corresponding physician through the electronic medical record (EMR) system. This functionality of the medical records software provides great patient tracking to the physicians.

In addition, Auer names Allscripts ePrescribing model as its best feature. The return on investment, or ROI, is easiest to determine by looking at the ePrescribing system. Like many physicians using electronic medical record software, Dr. Auer is impressed with the health information technology (HIT) industry and its rapid adoption rate.

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Date: February 12, 2009
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