Frisbee – Medical Workflow

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This tutorial demonstrates how well Frisbee workstation software provides an excellent workflow solution for digital dictation and transcription in a Medical environment.

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Date: December 13, 2010
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  • Ingrid says:

    I am working for a doctor who dictates on a Phillips LFH9500 and which is then placed in a docking station unloading the work via frisbee onto the computer. I will be relocating oversease and will be typint for him but am not sure how the email sending works. ARe then any tutorial videos on the internet or any help that we can refer to?

    • Amy says:

      If you are using Frisbee Pro 2.0, you can send and receive jobs via e-mail. The author and the transcriptionist must have two separate licenses of Frisbee Pro 2.0, installed on two separate workstations. On the author’s workstation, login and navigate to Tools>Options>My Profile. Enter the author’s e-mail address in the E-Mail Address field. In the Receive Jobs From field, select E-Mail. In the Automatically Send Jobs By field, select E-Mail. Repeat these steps for the transcriptionist’s workstation, using the transcriptionist’s e-mail information.

      Please note that the e-mail being used must be MAPI compliant. It is recommended that you use Microsoft Outlook.

      If you have further questions regarding the setup and configuration of your software, please contact your Frisbee Retailer.

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